Which one and why?

Which one and why?

  • 06 Blueberry First

  • 07 Marine First

  • 07 Anthra First

  • Black First

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Jun 30, 2007
my first time putting up a poll. i'm also curious what factors you consider when deciding on a colour/style. share your thought process with me, will you?

if you have a chance to buy one of these, which would you choose and why?

for myself, i've always been partial to deep blues. i go by some illogical logic: some colours are suitable for certain styles only whereas a couple of styles can take almost all colours. is it like that for you? much also depends on my personal style and hence the wardrobe i have. not to mention shoes, my first love.

the First style is my first love, so to speak. it's small but it is just so versatile when it comes to wardrobe possibilites. even the City loses out many times when i consider what bag to tote on any given day. to me, unless i have a purpose (like attending class) on that particular day, i can work around a small bag. it goes with dresses, trousers, casual and non. the City, if compared to the Work, is relatively more versatile. i shall not go too deep into yet another of my anal logic governing what bag styles to wear with what clothes. this is just to give you an idea why i love the First style.

as much as i love blues, i don't wear blue bags with blue jeans. i'm not a jeans girl, to begin with. but i'd like to stretch the worth of my bag as much as possible. so, if i choose the blue Firsts, i know i won't use them with blue jeans or anything blue (yes, i told you so). i'm intrigued by Anthra but because i'm already so anal about color-matching, i'm not sure if i can make Anthra work for me.

so, which one would you choose, and why? :biggrin:


by the sea
Oct 13, 2007
Tough one Glossie. I would consider the leather on each bag in consideration. And what you already own and for what purpose you are buying it.

I would use a first mainly for going out so I would choose a colour that matches black. Possibly black or maybe anthra, depending on the leather and colour hue (antrha seems to differ from bag to bag).



why bother
Jun 27, 2006
LOL, before I even read the post I voted blueberry :P

Marine does nothing for me, sorry.

And Anthracite is lovely but so much depends on the specific bag as the colors seem to vary quite a lot.

Black is wonderful but for me, I prefer a bit of a pop.

And the Blueberry calls to me. ;)
Nov 7, 2007
I voted black - given your intro and reasoning. Black will allow to wear with jeans and match almost everything - and if you are a matchy matchy person - who doesn't have a wardobe full of black shoes!

For the investment you are making in the bag - you will get the most verastile use out of this color IMO

Good luck!


Apr 23, 2006
I really like blueberry. The color is very mysterious & I think it looks great with jeans. I sold my blueberry first & I miss it so much. :crybaby::crybaby: The color is so versatile. I still think it's the best dark color out there. ;) If you can get your hands on one, go for it!!


Jul 27, 2007
Can I have all except the Marine? :graucho:

If I had to choose one though I'd probably go with Anthracite! I have to concur with your opinion on the first; though it may be small it's size is extremely versatile plus it can actually fit quite a lot of things!

Are you eyeing another bbag!


balenciaga :)
Dec 21, 2007
Definitely Blueberry! It's a really versatile color (goes great with dark and bright clothes) and I love how it's a brighter blue in sunlight and almost an Ink indoors. A Black First would be my second choice. Good luck!


Sep 4, 2007
glossie, it sounds like Anthra or Black would be the most versatile for you, since you already know that you won't use your blue bbags with any blue outfits. Anthra can be more of a slate grey or dark green depending, will you be able to work with that? Otherwise, seems like Black is the safest option!

Since you asked, personally my thought processes when buying a bbag are: - Do I love this colour - What style do I want it in - What hardware - How is the leather like and that's it. I typically work my outfits around the colour of my bbags :smile:


Bag Lady
Jul 15, 2007
I'm partial to blueberry since it's such a lovely color but if you want a match everything kind of color I'd get the black. You really can't go wrong with such a staple color. :yes::yes:
My thought process is:
color > then style > and then I'll buy the clothes if I need to. But I always seem to buy colors that match my wardrobe anyways. Good luck and let us know what you decide.


Jun 30, 2007
thanks all for giving me time. we're like-minded in some ways - what motivates or drives us to get a certain colour in a certain style. i forgot to mention what my current collection comprises and why i'm having a tough time reaching a decision. but it's going to be too lengthy and i've already indulged myself for far too long :rolleyes:

Black: i suppose the reason i'm rushing for a Black First is i'd really want an oldie for it. which is, like, next to impossible.

Anthra: cos of its chameleon blue/green/grey tones, i can only think of white for contrast. what other(s) do you wear with Anthra?

Marine: i love this. the new 08 is so classy. it's a rather flat colour, though. and possibly offers no contrast against a staple colour like black. kinda nullify the point of colour, eh?

Blueberry: hmm. yes, i love the interesting tones to it. i've been wanting it since i first saw the colour. but i don't want to buy it just cos, kwim?



Nov 17, 2006
Hard choice......I would say bluberry since it has some pop to it, and I love that....I also think it´s a colour that matches most colours so no big problemo matching;)