which one and why? (thanks in advance)

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  1. i have been buying high ticket bags (thanks, tpf!) for a while now...recently, however, i've found 2 that i love...i wanted to post here so that i could get neutral opinions...so, here goes

    Dooney & Bourke: Shiny Leather Aqua Bag bag number 1. in black? or what color

    bag number 2 http://www.coach.com/content/product.aspx?product_no=12687&category_id=1930 haven't decided which color, but leaning towards navy...
    would love any opinions on which one to get and why you think what you do!
  2. c'mon...anyone?!?!
  3. Sorry I can't be much help- not a Donney fan cuz most of their bags are too heavy before I put anything in them. I like some Coach bags- but the one pictured is not at all my style.
    Which one do you like best? It is your purse after all and you are the only one that has to love it! Good luck and let us know what you decide.:tup:
  4. I would go with the dooney, only because the coach looks like it has too much of an open area on the sides and I like the shape of the dooney a bit more. As for color, it depends on if you need another black bag or is there a color you like a bit more? Will the color go with most of your daily outfits?
  5. The 1st is definitely classier and more versatile; however, if you have a few black bags already, I'd go with the Coach. I like the Navy color best.
  6. I like the D&B and it comes in some really cute colors so I wouldn't get black. I like it in orange, green, hot pink or cobalt. You probably already have a really nice black bag or two...

    I'm surprised I chose the D&B over the Coach but the Coach just looks too busy imo.
  7. I prefer the Dooney, in green or cobalt blue. I don't care for that Coach very much.
  8. I prefer the Dooney. The Coach one looks like there's a bit of a gap in the top which would bother me. If it's not an issue to you then go for either one their both nice. In fact flip a coin. ;)
  9. Well, the first thing that I thought of was, and no offense to KVZ lovers, was that the Coach bag looked like Kathy Van Zeeland. I'd go with the Dooney.
  10. I like the Dooney. The coach has a little too much going on, and I'm not a fan of the silver+bronze combo.
  11. To be perfectly honest, I am not a fan of either, but I probably go for the Dooney in cobalt. It is a classic shape which would be boring in black but more interesting in another color. Don't like the Coach at all, too busy.
  12. I agree. I normally like Coach bags, but I am not a fan of that one at all. I, too, would go with the Dooney.
  13. Out of the two, I much prefer the Dooney. It has much cleaner lines, but still has a cute style.
    The Coach is much too metallic and busy for me. I could see myself getting tired of the Coach quickly whereas the Dooney would probably make me smile for quite some time!
  14. another vote for a dooney here....their bags are getting better every year. cobalt would be my choice, or if you are daring, the orange. its a great spring/summer color!
  15. I would go with the Dooney. The Coach has too much metallic on the bag.