which one and why!?!? have to decide today!!

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  1. [​IMG]these are two bags that i am looking at...i love them both for different reasons...they are both on sale and i have to make a decision by the end of the day...i have several black bags which is fine with me...both have soft leather, are made well and i love them but i can only have one...am looking for some feedback! HELP!!!

  2. 2nd for me... more classic, plus i'm a sucker for tan bags!
  3. Both are beautiful! I think I prefer the style of the black more. I know you say you already have two black bags. Does the black come in that tan color perhaps? Truthfully, you can't go wrong either way. They are both nice bags! Happy shopping! :smile:
  4. to me: #1 is trendy, #2 is classic ... which do u prefer?
  5. i'm leaning towards number 2...i recently sold most of my bag collection to get some $$ to buy some new bags...unfortunately, i now have seller's remorse because i love the ones that i sold...one of the bags that i sold was a botkier that's very similar to the black botkier in the above picture...the differences are slight...(like silver hardware which i love!)...and because of changing finances i won't be able to get any more new bags for a while, so i really want to make the right decision...i have a black burberry folding tote from black nylon which i love and i have a tory burch in black with gold hardware and i love that as well...so, i'm stymied...UGH...what to do!?!?!
  6. I think the tan colour, tan and camel colours are in season right now and look great with anything. Also you already have black bags so go for a change :smile:

  7. personally i like the black more + if u already had a similar bag previously and missed it i'll get it with the chance ... disclaimer however i do have a problem with always being attracted to black bags :P

    do u remember why u sold the botkier previously? if u had sold it than maybe it'll be better to get #2 instead?
  8. I like the black Botkier--the shape and features--but I wouldn't own more than one black bag. The only thing I like about the second one is the color--I don't like the structured semi-circular shape and thicker handles.
  9. i love black bags, but i prefer the shape of the second one
  10. I like the black one!
  11. #2
  12. 2 gets my vote.
  13. I like the black one better, but based on the info you've provided, you'd probably get more use out of a tan/brown bag. I really don't care for the handles on the brown bag you have pictured. The metal hardware at the end of each handle strap makes it look cheap IMO. Does the black bag come in any other colors?
  14. black bag only comes in black and purple...the luggage colored bag (michael/michael kors) is gorgeous in person; hardware doesn't look cheap (i'm a FANATIC about hardware!)...i really love the bag...i wish i could get both of them....i love botkier bags and had one (like i already said!) that looks very similar to this one and i sold it on the bay...impetuous decision on my part; needed the money to fund another bag...and i really regretted letting it go...i do have 2 black bags right now, one of which (the tory burch) that i haven't even used yet...so, do i get another black bag OR do i get the mmk one?!?! i HATE this!!!
  15. cause its cooler