Which one? African Queen Masai in gold OR Limelight GM in silver?


Nov 30, 2007
Above the Bravern LV Boutique!
Hi all,
I am taking a Cruise in Europe at the end of the month, many formal dinners and cocktail parties, I need help deciding which LV clutch to take, both are so lovely, I am only taking one of these since I have a black Chanel for evening also. So which one would you take? African Queen or Limelight? both will go with everything so this is a hard choice for me!! Grazie for your help:biggrin:


Dec 30, 2007
That's a hard choice, both are beautiful. The Limelight is more classic, but the African Queen is more detailed, it has the cord/tassles right? I would choose which bag based on your outfits, do you want the outfit to demand the attention, or the bag? ( Although both are still attention getters! :yes: ) The African Queen would be the main thing with a simple dress, but the Limelight would look better with a flashier dress. But that's JMHO. :smile: