Which one 2 B U Y!?

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Which 1?

  1. Amarante bellevue pm

  2. Gucci Med drawstring shoulder bag

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  1. :confused1: I dunno which one to get! LV or the GUCCI they are both almost same price. I'm 5'6 in height with 2 boys (6 months old & 5 yr old) H E L P :woohoo: Thanks!

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  2. I find with kids you need easy access bags....So I would get the LV for easy access and it also seems easier to clean, in case accidents happen!
  3. I couldn't choose they're so different.

    Love the Amarante colour. The Alma's on my list.

    but the Gucci's a little more relaxed.
  4. Not a huge fan of vernis with vachetta. I'd go for the Gucci.
  5. I am a LV lover but here I would go with the Gucci.
  6. It was tough, but there is just something about the Gucci one that I am LOVING...
  7. i've had the interlocking g drawstring for about a month and i LOVE it. however, it isn't easy finding things! for easy access i'd say the lv.
  8. I like the drawstring, tot it looks cute. LV venis is pretty tricky to take care.
  9. gucci drawstring! guessing the amarante will be heavier...with kids I usually prefer lighter purses...
  10. I really like the drawstring--definitely the Gucci!
  11. I love the Gucci style... but if you are going to carry it with kids.. it seems like the LV one will be more easy to use and take care of!!
  12. The LV vernis is very high maintenance actually, the amarante being dars does make it easier. The leather gets color transfe quite easily and of course the vachetta will stain.

    Also the Bellevueis only hand held and can be tricky when you're strolling with the little ones! Although I LOVE LV in your situation I would go for the Gucci...No matter what if you are anything like me, you will lose things in either bag...hahaha...
  13. Oh you need to get both because both are really truly great wonderful bags...
    The Bellevue seems more dressy where as the Gucci one is more casual and for everyday.
    I have the Bellevue in Amarante and just love it and I find it not that high maintainence as others have claimed, and this Gucci drawstring is on my hitlist too!
    Maybe the leather will be more durable in the long run - the fabric on my gucci purses tend to fray after awhile...
    Regardless they are both very fine looking bags!
  14. I was saving up for the Bellevue until I went into the store and tried it on. I found the structured bottom to be very uncomfortable against my body when I carried it. Needless to say the color is gorgeous but I took it off my wish list!