Which on should I get?

  1. Hi all!
    Well I would like to purchase a LV speedy 25, sometime. Not anytime soon. Which one should I get? the one with the cherry or the one with just the LV? I like both. Any help? advice? Thanks!
    BTW this would be my first LV bag.:graucho:
  2. Welcome! I'll suggest either the monogram speedy or the new damier speedy that just came out a few days ago. I'm not a fan of the ceries (cherry).
  3. I :love: :love: ceries but they are discontinued so ebay would probably be one of your only ways of getting one. In that case it is a lot of work to make sure you aren't getting a knockoff. If you can find a definate authentic ceries I say go for it!:yes: If not go for mono, it's a classic!
  4. i'd go for the mono........or the damier if you like the damier pattern (i do but i know some ppl don't :P)....it's so low maintenance, exactly how a speedy should be :biggrin:
  5. monogram is classic get it!
  6. I have to say go for the mono.
  7. Have you looked at the monogram Perforated collection?
  8. Mono!
  9. The Cerises Speedy is no longer available in stores, so you'll most likely pay an arm and a leg on eBay if you want to buy one brand new. Brand new ones are rare to come by, even in the resale market. Go for the traditional Monogram Speedy!
  10. changainlove - i'm with everyone else... go with the Monogram Speedy! its a real classic!
  11. Jap, Mono Speedy!
  12. I say the monogram speedy
  13. Mono!
  14. I vote mono!
  15. I'd choose the Mono, but that's bc I'm not too fond of the ceries. However, if you can find a ceries on ebay for a good price, I say go for it since it is a collector's piece!