Which off-price stores carry Lockheart besides NR?

  1. I know I have posted about a similar topic months ago, but i was wondering if anyone has seen Lockheart at any of the discounted stores... I know that NR occasionally has them, but has anyone else found them elsewhere?
  2. I love my Lockheart so I am always looking when I go to Nordstrom's Rack. I saw one a year ago but it had been through the war and was all scratched. I haven't seen any since then. Hope your find one mine is a keeper. Oh geez I just realized NR stands for Nordstrom's Rack sorry I am bad with initials.
  3. Hahah Shoe, don't worry-- it took me forever to figure out that NR stood for Nordstrom Rack!
  4. I have only seen off-price Lockhearts at NR and occasionally on eBay. They are some of my absolute favorite bags.
  5. I've seen them at Saks Off Fifth stores.
  6. I bought mine at the Saks Off Fifth in Atlanta. They had some the last time I was there about two weeks ago. :smile: