Which of your HHs takes the worst beating?

Stormy Heart

HellBent for Leather
Apr 10, 2008
^^ It's the latter, like a large darkened area, not ink stains. I haven't tried cleaning it yet since I didn't want to end up ruining the leather. What's a good leather cleaner you recommend? The pre-treating spray I used was the Wilson's Leather brand. Is their cleaner good?
Get some LEXOL cleanser. Now. And double-check your storage conditions.
Worst case~ Black spots can be the start of something nasty in the form of MOLD. Make sure your leather is kept dry, wiped well if it gets rained on, and not placed in direct contact with anything remotely damp, ever.
With rainy Fall weather we all have to be aware of this. I don't have to mention no drying by radiators, do I ?
Now the good news. A large darken area on the back is likely dye transfer from clothing, and you'll find lots of help on tPF, but Lexol can fix that.
If the actual color is coming off the bag, you'd have seen RED showing up where the bag rubbed something.


Nov 19, 2007
The bag I use most is my Luxe Havana without a doubt! It seems to go with everything... It still looks brand new even though I use it all the time it was purchased at a sample sale!

Stormy Heart

HellBent for Leather
Apr 10, 2008
^ Is luxe a color or a different style havana?
LUXE HAVANAS came in Chocolate and Black. They have a WOVEN LEATHER FLAP !
(otherwise same) They are beautiful !
This should noted be in the History of Havanas thread, btw.


Apr 17, 2008
I would say my black Luxe havana, and also my cobalt blue havana. I also think my gray patent havana will hold up well, and not need to be babied as the other colors (lagoon, saddle, saddle,saddle,tango red,gray) do. I will see, and keep you posted.
I joke about the saddle because not even 2 hrs out the first time carried, it had denim transfer from my nieces jeans. :Push:


buried in bags
Jan 31, 2008
God sep, it is sooo beautiful!! Is that a recent pic? It looks brand new!
I bet you got it for a steal too :biggrin:

lunchmoney, you have one too??? I am soo jealous of you guys


Aug 6, 2006
Definitely my saddle Nico. Only because that was the only HH I owned for almost a year. ;)
Same here. I have really abused that poor bag and it still looks good. I treated it once with something but I found it to be a pain so I haven't done it again, still there are really no stains on such a light bag.