Which of your H bags do you carry the most often & why?

  1. Ladies, for fun and my research--I'm trying to get some ideas for next year's order-- which of your Hermes bags do you carry the most often and why?

    For me-it would have to be my Vert Anis 35cm Togo b/c it's the latest addition and also b/c the color is easily and suprisingly wearable.
  2. I'm boring ... For me it's none yet. I just cannot carry anything without completing the pink platoon AND have a backup for my backup. The only exception would be if I can somehow miraculously land a fuchsia porosus sellier Kelly 28cm, then I'll be wearing that whenever I can!
  3. My BJ Evelyne...because it's my one and only H bag...so far! :graucho:
    But it really is a great bag that I reach for often because it's so perfect for shopping hands free, quick trips, just running errands. It's light and comfortable to wear even messenger style. And the Blue Jeaan is such a pretty color in Clemence. :love:
  4. Let's see, lately it's been my 30 cm ebene clemence birkin.. simply coz that's my latest addition.

    But I think my 30 cm thalassa blue box calf would come out of the closet soon.. I kinda missed it a lot.
  5. for me, it's my black 35 chevre birkin which i tote daily to work. second would be my gold 30 birkin togo obviously because of it's neutral color (but i secretly wish it's a 35 so i can pack it more - am a packrat!).
  6. For me it's been a few different bags lately......

    Caramel Chevre Kelly (using today....wearing some brown)
    Rouge H Chevre Kelly
    Toile/Barenia Trim (grab-n-go)

    hmmmmmmm.....I think I need a 30cm Gold Togo Birkin one of these days.....
  7. Shopmom, maybe you'll find one in Paris!

    I carry my Birkin 35 the most but LOVE the ease of the Trim. That one gets a lot of love as well.
  8. ^^GT what color is your oft-carried Birkin 35?
  9. Potiron!! it's my LOVE!
  10. It really depends on my outfit, what I feel like, or if I'm too lazy to change bags ... Maybe the Paris-Bombay PM in black.
  11. As with others, my latest purchase is my rouge h chamonix plume!! Love the size, zip top, ease of handles, etc....but the birkins/kellys/bolide also have a time and place in my life as well! It does depend on coloring/mood for me for the most part..
  12. At the moment its my rouge vi 35 birkin... my poor bj 35 was very tired after all the toteing around this summer next up is my ebene 35 or my newest baby blk jpg .... have to say i love them all just need a few more arms and i'd cary 2 at a time !!!:smile:
  13. at the moment my Evelyne in grey (sorry don't know official colour plus Palladium) as it is hands-free which is handy when i have baby and buggy... also Herbag with shoulder strap for same reason, and vintage trim as it fits under my arm.
  14. was amazonia garden party -- now chocolate birkin...
  15. My birkin. I just love it so much...the color, the skin, the size...everything. And it has gotten a little darker making the bag even more beautiful.