Which of your Coach bags is the most durable?

  1. Just out of curiousity - which bag has been the most durable for you? I was dissappointed with my Sig Stripe tote because after only 3 months of me carrying it (almost every day, granted) it looked worn. I really don't carry it anymore because it just looks like it has seen better days. I had a Hamptons tote I used for school that fared better, but after a year it looked like it needed to be retired (I used it for another year anyway and now it's really beat!). I'm thinking about what bag to use this fall for school and I'm not sure what to get - initially I thought Carly, but I like the signature ones best and I'm afraid the fabric won't hold up well. I thought about getting a Hamptons book tote off of eBay too, I just don't know! I know I will be needing a new school bag (the only other bag I'm going to be getting this year) - should I go Coach or maybe just buy something at Eddie Bauer or Jansport and trash it?
  2. My Hamptons Weekend Tote is indestructible! I've used it every day for nearly 4 years and with a little wipe down it still looks great. Love that bag!
  3. Ooooo good thread! I wish I had an answer, but because of the price of these bags, I tend to baby them. :/ I'm tempted to say my Hamptons Weekend tote, because of all the bags I've carried, I've babied that one the least.

    BTW, anyone have tips for cleaning the cotton straps, if they get dirty?
  4. oooh, I do like the Hamptons Weekend bags, I guess I always thought of them as warm weather bags and hence didn't think about getting one for school use.

    cinediva, I baby the Coach bags that are really important to me too! But I like to have one or two that I can use without worry.

  5. For a School bag I think you should buy a Jansport, Lands End or LLBean Backpack/messenger bag. I don't know but I don't think of Coach bags as school bags.
    My older son has a Lands End backpack on Wheels that has held up well and he does give it plenty of use.
  6. black leather carly...had it since Sept and it's never failed me once...i've used it as a purse, semi-diaper bag, school bag, and it holds everything. shape is perfect, size is perfect, made it through OH winter unscathed. best thing ever and still looks damn near new.
  7. I think the leather bags--especially the pebbled leather--hold up the best. My ali is really durable, and my patchwork shoulder tote has a brown pebbled bottom that is really wonderful.

    I'd stay away from sig fabrics for long term use, but I'm really a leather bag girl so I'm biased!
  8. Thanks again for the advice - good to know about the pebbled leather, Tejasmama! And a ringing endorsement for the Carly - I'll have to look at the leather Carlys again, I'm just not a big fan of the tan/saddle one. I don't like to mix browns, lol!

    LizCordova, a very valid point on the Coach bags for school use. I'm a grad student, so I do have professional positions on campus too - that's why I even think to carry a more professional bag. But honestly, especially since I won't be teaching next year, I really don't need yet another Coach bag, and they really do seem to take a beating. I think I'll use my Hamptons Carryall for another year (the poor thing is probably whimpering in its dust bag right now) and then get a really swanky new bag next year when I'm looking for a job and teaching again. I've got a Jansport backpack for when the weather gets bad, I'll have to put it in more consistent rotation.

    I'm still going to be picking up one fall bag, but I'll wait a few months and see what's out. If I can wait a few months without buying a bag in general it will be a miracle! Thanks again for the advice!
  9. I baby mine, too, but certain bags are better for certain things. My black leather soho large hobo is pretty indestructible. I can carry it no matter what kind of weather we're having, and I know it'll keep on looking great. Since it's black, it doesn't show dirt. My signature stripe satchel is holding up very well, also. It's in khaki/mahogany, so it doesn't show dirt either, and the signature fabric is fine in the rain (which we've gotten a lot of lately).
  10. Most of my legacy leather bags are under six months old, but are holding up very well. I do have a soft leather duffle (my first Coach: 1417) that is 3 years old and is still beautiful---wouldn't think twice about taking her out. My only regret with the duffle, is that I didn't get a larger one.
  11. These bags are awesome http://nautigear.net/ they are made of sail cloth and hold up very well. they are also waterproof and easy to clean and lightweight. Perfect for school, carrying heavy books and stuff, I love the messenger style bags with the numbers. I have a few duffle bags for travel and a cosmetic bag. Good luck !
  12. I have a three-year-old black/white mini signature multifunction tote that has literally been around the world with me. I used it thoughout grad school, and it's been everywhere. It still looks really new (I do like and use umbrellas!).
  13. My oldest Coach is my city bag, its held up wonderfully.
  14. Same here. Also, in the back of my head I don't feel that any of them would hold up to daily use. Now that I think about it, that bothers me.
  15. my large sig carly is still in immaculate condition...i used it daily and it even went through rain and snow storms with me. as for leather bags, i dont use it as much, but my black soho flap is still in great condition.

    my weekend tote that ive had for a year is AMAZING, just a little soap and water every now and then and its perfect.

    i havent had any fraying issues so far with anyof my bags yet.