Which of your bags would you save...

  1. ...if your house burned down? (assuming that all people, animals etc. have been saved already ;))
  2. Hmmm interesting....can we stuff other bags into the one bag we save?:idea:

    Seriously....I guess I would pick my Batignolles Horizontal.

  3. ^LOL! As of right now, it's also be my LV BH, but next week may be different, my Chanel will be here!
  4. My 2 Speedies definitely comes first and my kate spade satin amandas. The rest, I will jump back in and grab as much as I can. This is why I want to take detailed pictures and keep track of my bag purchases so when I do get married and have a house, we have insurance that covers it. Right now I'm making sure most of my bags are at my BF's house. The bags are considered ours so it's covered under him.
  5. Hermes Trim hands down! After, that, my LV Speedy
  6. My Fendi Spy... the rest can burn... lol
  7. I'd have to be able to save an AWFUL lot of possessions (my laptop, flashdrive, research notes, pictures, rare books, family heirlooms) and of course my kitty before I'd ever run back for a purse. But assuming that I could save, like, 50% of my possessions and STILL have time to go get a purse, I'd save my Papillon 30 :lol:
  8. Hmmm.....it's like asking to choose which one of my children I love the most. I would say, my wine colored Marc Jacobs Stella, since it was the first designer bag I purchased for myself.
  9. Oh crud. Well, I've only got two designer bags, so if I kept them close together I could save them both.

    But then I'd have to go back for my DKNY bag, cos it was a 21st b'day present from my parents.
  10. Okay assuming all people and animals are safe, and had 5 minutes to save anything else...it would be family jewelry, and my mono noe...not my favorite bag out of all them HOWEVER, a few months before my Dad passed we went to N.Y. to shop and go to the Belmont....we went to the Lv store together before dinner...and we had a ball...he chose that bag for me (again not the one I would have chosen but he LOVED it) It was a Daddy moment for me...(Im the only girl) That was one my favorite trips with dear ol dad...wow...tears are just falling down my cheeks..I miss him! OKAY so it would be the noe!
  11. My Coach demi because my father bought it for me when I was 16 and my speedy 30.
  12. Oh Sunshine. That was very sweet

    I'd save my Multicolor Speedy :biggrin:
  13. for only one, i'd save my duomo...i love that thing!

    but honestly, I'd grab as many as I really could...like grab a trashbag and put as many in as I could in such a short period of time. I love all my bags, and would hate to lose any of them.
  14. My Cerise Speedy, I think it would be harder and more costly to replace than the rest of them. Plus I adore it!
  15. That's such a lovely story. I wish I had a memory like that with my dad.

    I'd prolly save my LV Manhattan PM that DH got for our anniversary.