Which of your bags gets you the most compliments?

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  1. Do you have a bag in your collection that people just can't get enough of? If so, which bag is it and what do people say to you about it?
  2. My Tod's Mini Jewelry D-Cube gets the most compliments. Comments range from general, "I love your bag" to "it's so cute/tiny" or "I love the color."
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  3. honestly, it's my Calvin Klein saffiano tote in cerise/orange. i think women feel more comfortable complimenting bags they can afford, maybe? i am rarely complemented on any of my luxury handbags but always get a lot of comments on my Betsey Johnson, Juicy and CK bags. never any compliments on Chanel or LV.

  4. This one, and they say "I love your bag!" I have some that are fancier and more costly, but this is the one strangers tend to compliment.
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  5. I 💜 the color!
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  6. Thank you!
  7. My Chanel chevron flap. Everyone comments on how beautiful it is.
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  8. Beautiful color! I agree with your observation that people tend to complement 'affordable' bags more. The bag I get most compliments on is a no brand turquiose blue tote that I use when the weather is bad. Its nice to get the compliments but it kindda feels bad as well cus this no brand $30 bag gets more attention than my KS, MBMJs , Coach etc. :amuse::thinking:
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  9. Not sure if it's the affordable bags, but I have noticed most compliments I receive are for bags that aren't very commonly seen and are subtly branded (Tod's and Reed Krakoff).
  10. My LV Ixia PM gets the most compliments from the widest variety of people. I think it's due to a mixture of the stitching and the leather. Can't say I disagree with them!
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  11. maybe it's also color that attracts the compliments? like with orange or turquoise those colors are rare(er) and will draw interest more than a basic black bag. i don't think i've ever had a black bag get any attention.
  12. I could run around wearing nothing more than my personality and one of my LVs and not get a comment, but interestingly enough a lot of women compliment me on my MK Gathered Totes. As another poster mentioned, it may have something to do with brand familiarity or the sense that an item that they like is also affordable...jealous people either stay quiet or you wished that they had stayed quiet.
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  13. That makes sense :smile:
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  14. My LV artsy gets most compliments
  15. My Speedy 30 in DE definitely gets the most compliments :smile:
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