Which of these?

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Which one?

  1. Small Carly Patchwork Hobo

  2. Small Signature Carly

  3. Cotton Signature Pouch

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. My wish list keeps growing and growing! :graucho:

    I really like the denim look of the Carly and new Patchwork bags but don't love them enough to splurge on one of the bigger bags, so I'm considering getting something small...but can't decide which one.

    The Small Carly Hobo?

    The Small Signature Carly?

    or The Cotton Signature Pouch?

  2. I like the denim Small Signature Carly. :yes:
  3. I voted for the patchwork. When compared side by side with the others, the patchwork stands out to me more.
  4. I vote for either the cotton pouch or the patchwork hobo. I like the shape of the pouch, but the denim patchwork is so pretty!! :smile:
  5. Small sig. Carly
  6. i love the patchwork....
  7. cotton =)
  8. Small signature carly
  9. Patchwork- I love the colors
  10. Patchwork - I saw the demi Monday and it's so cute in person.
  11. I like the small sig carly the best......
  12. I voted for the Small Carly Patchwork Hobo because its SO pretty!
  13. I like them all but I like the last one best!
  14. like the small sig. carly better
  15. They are all cute, I think the 3rd one is the cutest!