Which of these would you choose--Chanel Classic Medium Flap or East West Flap?

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  1. Hi Everyone,
    Below are pictures of my Chanel Classic Medium Flap in Black Lambskin with SHW and E/W Black Perforated Lambskin Flap with SHW. Help Please!!--Which of these two bags would you choose over the other if you had to do so?

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  2. Aside from exterior looks. In regards to interior, the E/W fits more and more easily than Medium because doesn't have a double flap and is softer/less rigid bag.

    Please let me know your thoughts of which of these would you choose?
  3. definitely m/l
  4. i think the classic medium will stand the test of time.... the perforated is super cool, but doesn't have that classic feel to it.
  5. I would choose the medium/large flap. Very classic and more practical (IMO) because of it's shape.
  6. med/lrg for sure!
  7. Medium flap, it's the ultimate classic
  8. m/l hands down!
  9. Hands down the medium flap!!
  10. Thanks, Everyone! Very decisive in choice!--what an indecisive girl needs. :smile:

    How about mini red flap vs. the medium black?--which would you probably use the most on a night out on the town?
  11. another vote for the M/L!!!
  12. Without a doubt: medium!
  13. M/L. I really dislike the perforation...
  14. I would definitely choose the M/L flap! It's the ultimate Chanel classic!
  15. I hope that you don't get rid of your M/L :shocked:............. It's such a wonderful bag. You can wear the strap either long or short. I'm about 5'6" and sometimes i even wear it messenger style (even though it falls right on my waist) if I need to.
    It's just so versatile and can be worn so many different ways. It's my most favorite Chanel style ever!