Which of these two new bags do you prefer?

  1. This is the new epi turenne bag GM and PM. I really want an epi shoulder bag and this might be it, I don't know yet. Which style do you prefer and why?



    The length is about the same but the height on the smaller one is 2 inches less and it's also wider at the bottom.
  2. Oooo, I like the pm! I'll have to take a look at this one in person!! Thanks for the picture. I like the shape of the pm better, the GM looks too bulky and I can tell just by looking at it that it won't sit nice on me. I can really only do large bags that aren't very structured. Oh, I'm so excited, I would love to have an epi shoulder bag too! Maybe I'll check this one out in Hawaii, I'm starting to second guess getting a reade pm since I ordered my lexington, I kinda got my vernis fix.......and I don't know if I should get the reade in perle (and there aren't any other colors I want, I ordered the noisette Lex) so we will see......I never know exactly what I'm going to get until I make that last second decision that feels right at that time....
  3. i prefer the pm. i agree with lola24, gm looks so bulky!
  4. I prefer the bottom one.
  5. i like the PM more. it looks more classy
  6. The PM - I like the look of the wider bottom. It definitely makes it look that much more classy.
  7. I like the GM better
  8. I prefer the PM, more harmonious IMO. But the GM doesn't look bad as well :P
  9. I like the shape of pm one..
  10. PM:yes:
  11. I prefer the shape of the PM
  12. PM for me :heart:33
  13. PM....I would love to get one of those!! It's classier looking IMO!! :smile:
  14. Pm
  15. I prefer the shorter one. For me, the deeper bags make it that much harder to find what I want inside. So the wider bottom part is good, too, for the same reason.