which of these two chloe bags should I get? help me pick the BEST one!

  1. I just got the Edith (whisky) but as I'm always looking at new chloe (got a pair of black platform chloe mary janes today at 70% off - yey:yahoo: ) I am considering a new bag. But it has to be on sale......(for obvious reasons)
    so which one of these do you think ? is the Net-A-Porter bag the "gris clair" color?:

    from Net-A-Porter for € 657,00
    or this gladys for €623 at LVR . (check it out here: Luisa Via Roma ::: Florence ::: in brown, black or gris clair?
    I am uncertain of the gris clair color. is this gladys in gris clair?:
    from chloe.com
    can you wear gladys over your shoulder?

    thank you for your opinions!!:flowers:
  2. I like the second smaller bag a lot more, but that brown doesn't go as well with the black platforms as the grey IMO... perhaps because it's such a dark brown...

    CONGRATS on the platforms! They are fab!! :love: especially at the discount you got it at!! :yahoo:
  3. I prefer Gladys out of the 2.
  4. I love the 2nd bag. The brown really suits this colour.
    Oooh post a piccie of your platforms please :biggrin:
    I love a bargainl, and sounds like you got a steal there.

    Well done
  5. Gladys 2 zip definitely has my vote. I never realized they made it in brown. It looks absolutely delish! This style does fit onto my shoulders comfortably too. Good luck!!!
  6. I, too, vote for the chocolate Gladys.
  7. thanks you guys for your opinions! yes you made me realize that the 2zip gladys is the best. but brown or black? does anyone have pics of their galdys to show me? never seen her IRL....
    hm. my wallet (a new from fendi btw...with biiig patent belt buckle on front :smile:) and me have decided to wait for LVR to put it on 70%. Do you think they ever will? gaaah. I hope so. :upsidedown:
  8. and how is glayds zipped compared to unzipped? is she really heavy zipped?

    and ps... I will post pics of mary janes tomorrow! they look so cool with blck silverado.
    good night!
  9. I definitely prefer the gladys zipped appearance-wise. But there's no weight difference between zipped or unzipped. I'm not sure exactly what you are asking by your question.