which of these two chain around bags do you like

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which one do you prefer

  1. Blue mini Chain around

  2. Orange chain around

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I had this pic emailed to me by my SA & wondered what every ones opinions were & if anyone has any modelling pics I would love to see what the bag looks like on.....I really love the little blue mini one :graucho:

  2. I like the orange. I think the color of the blue is nice, but the chain it too much for the small bag. The porportions look off.

    I have the maxi flap and love it.
  3. I personally like blue, but the orange looks cuter on chain around.
  4. I have that blue in the larger/medium size, and I love it! The blue is more saturated IRL. I also bought the 12C red in the smaller size (same size as blue in ur pic) but sadly returned it due to being so tiny. It held less than my minis. The medium size holds a whole lot more and is great every day bag, and the small, while its presh, really doesn't hold much. Also due to the structure of the small it holds less than it appears. I also love the orange. It's much prettier IRL too.
  5. I like the orange one!
  6. I prefer the orange.
  7. Orange
  8. Orange
  9. I voted for orange due to the size :smile: I didn't realize these were still available:nuts:
  10. omg i love the brown one, due to the fact i have the mini one already in red. if you dont buy the brown one can you pm me where to buy it pretty please, or can u ask your SA if there is another one available. TIA
  11. Wow, they are really cute. I vote for the orange one, find the color more unique. Do you happen to know how much are they?
  12. Hi I'm in the UK the blue is around £1,350 & the orange £1,750 sorry can't remember the exact price.
  13. Blue. I have the blue one in medium size and I love it.
  14. I prefer the Blue one, it is really pretty and the colour would be more versatile.In my opinion.
  15. Orange for the color, size and its proportion.