Which of these two bags should I get?

Which bag should I get?

  • Prada

    Votes: 8 32.0%
  • LV

    Votes: 17 68.0%

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Jul 5, 2019
B8D13DE9-F059-4275-9EDB-C6F043E79AF1.jpeg 13A18709-61CE-4CC4-A537-3E11E904AC8C.jpeg I really like both and just can’t
make a decision between this Prada candy pink shade camera bag or the LV pochette Felicie In pink Empreinte :confused1: To give some background, I already own a mono speedy 25 and will be purchasing an Alma BB next month too. I don’t own anything from Prada!

Thank you!


May 23, 2009
G-orgeous H-eaven
I would write down what you like most about each and cross-ref with what you need it for and 'voila' you will have made your own decision.

My light pink pref. is closer to the LV F bag and that would be fine if it was just for say ticket, pass, keys, lip balm and CC but the Prada is more of a little bag to if you also need to add a few makeup items, tissues, pen, lager set of keys etc then you may need the depth and the crossbody/shoulder function of the bag. The LV chain is removable so maybe you could also add a longer strap/chain if you needed to.


May 22, 2019
I actually love both but I’d suggest the LV since you’re getting a BB. My reasoning is these two have two different carrying capacities. The BB will be similar to the Prada in depth. The empriente is more envelope shaped like a WOC which will enable you to carry certain items. Have you weighed the two as far as what they can haul? Things like that? How they hang on you/look, weight of each when full, etc...
Jul 5, 2019
I have not tried either in person but will be trying the Felicie in two weeks in Paris if they have it so hopefully I’ll be more confident in making a decision then!


Feb 28, 2006
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Hi! Lv will last more! I saw prada one has tear on the side, but lv leather is so durable! And its more elegant than prada one!!:smile:
Too add another option, Fendi makes a woc very similar to the Felicie with removable card holder and pouch and it’s $100 cheaper than Empreinfe Felicie and more understated, if that was ever one of your factors. It comes in rose gold and imo this is another way to do pink.