Which of these shall I grab?

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  1. Hi folks-- work will take me to Paris unexpectedly and I want to pick up something while there. Because I'm supposed to be on ban, I'm excluding bags. No bags for me! I want to get a SLG and would prefer something that's difficult to come by here in the US.

    Which would you pick if these were available?

    1) sunglasses case MM (in monogram)
    2) mini pochette in blue/black shiny mono
    3) owl bag charm

    TIA for your help. I figure if I decide in advance, I can reserve the piece and prevent myself from doing other shopping while there. Help!
  2. Which would be the most memorable for you? Which is the most useful?
    I would suggest the sunglasses case!
  3. Mini pochette in blue/black! Second would be the owl charm.
  4. I'd pick the Mini Pochette as it's most useful. Of course it's your decision and whatever you think would work best for you. Good luck.
  5. If you can't get ur hands on a sunglasses case here as it may be seasonal and sold out, I would get that (esp if u need it). Next pouchette blue/black.
  6. Hi do you have the picture of mini pochette ?
  7. I'd definitely chose the mini pochette in blue/black shiny mono. Good luck and enjoy!
  8. If you can get the mini pochette blue/black then get it. It never came to my country, and I'm super bummed! Definitely has to be that one. The others you can get later on.

  9. Here's a pic on IG posted by alohanaomi
  10. I would also choose the mini pochette!
  11. Mini Pochette for sure!
  12. What?????? They still have the mini pochette in blue/black shiny mono? I called LV months ago and gave them my cc info and never even heard from them!! Now I'm totally banned, but still, what the hey.

    Anyways that's my vote!
  13. 1. Mini Pochette 2. Sunglasses case 3. Owl charm
  14. Mini pochette for sure.
  15. +1
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