Which of these phenomenal bbags


Which LE Magenta should I keep? THANK YOU!

  1. RH

  2. GSH

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  1. should I keep?
    Okay, I just noticed that this will be my 400th post! So I decided to post pics as well!
    I originally purchased the LE Magenta with GSH because that is what BalNY had available first. That was my very first bbag purchase! :tup: I kept thinking that I really like the RH better. So now I have both here at home with me, and I can't decide. They are both gorgeous, with beautiful leather! Yikes, please help me decide! What do YOU think? TIA! and have a fabulous Thanksgiving Day! xoxoxo :heart:

    Thanks Peg for shrinking my pics!:heart:
    image002_1 copy.jpg image003_1 copy.jpg image004_1 copy.jpg image005_2 copy.jpg image001_1 copy.jpg
  2. I love the big hardware, so I would say (if you had to choose) to keep the GSH.

    Great bags!
  3. I voted RH but I love them both!
  4. I prefer the regular hw! Good luck with your choice!
  5. i personally have the GSH so i'm biased! :smile:
  6. I normally prefer the regular hardware on the Magenta, but for some reason the GSH bag really stood out to me and looked fabulous in the photos so I voted for that one. But, I think that you should keep the bag that you love the most and are most drawn to - just follow your gut instinct.
  7. I have the RH not so heavy!! but i LOVE both!
  8. i love love love how Magenta looks with SGH, so I pick that!
  9. I'm almost EXCLUSIVELY an RH gal, but the silver GH with the Magenta...WOW!!! I'm now a believer!! :drool:

    (You're welcome sweetie!!)
  10. im loving the magenta w. GSH!!
  11. I don't usually care for the GH at all, but on this bag I think it looks nicer than the RH. Both are great though, you can't go wrong!
  12. BOY... This was a though one for me because I love both the RH and GH on these wonderful bags. For this Magenta of yours I voted the GH only because it makes the bag POP a little more. Good Luck with picking one, ouch!!!

    Usually, I too am an RH girl. But HOT DAMN...!

    That is all, just HOT DAMN!
  14. I like the RH. I don't like the extra weight of the GH, and for me the color of the magenta is enough pop. I don't think it needs the extra statement that the hardware adds. I would be more into GH on a plainer color, like black, than on something that already stands out so much on its own. But, obviously, either one is a great choice!
  15. Rh!