which of these man bags do you prefer?

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  1. Icare or PDV gm? Which one do you like best?

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  2. Icare
  3. Icare. Have it!!!
  4. I like the Icare
  5. PDV. Looks more professional.
  6. I like the Icare. You get the extra pocket in the front!! I am always looking for extra space.
  7. Pdv
  8. Prefer PDV but it looks much less roomy? Not sure if this is the case as I am not familiar with these 2, but space would have a definite impact for me.
  9. PDV less bulky
  10. I feel like they each serve different purposes. What do you want to use the bag for?
  11. My thoughts exactly. They are very different bags.
  12. I like the Icare
  13. Icare gets my vote - for some reason I don't like the leather corners of PDV.
  14. Icare if you have more than just a slim laptop to carry around, but the PDV looks more manly.
  15. I like the icare, Dorf. It looks more interesting.