Which of these Macassar looks do you prefer?

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  1. Which of these looks do you prefer? The classical timeless PDV pm, or the more modern PDJ? Hmm.. Maby the PDV will pass the test of time better.

    PDV pm:


  2. PDV! So gorgeous. Looks more refined to me.
  3. Is the inside of the PDJ fabric or microfiber?
  4. Pdv
  5. Pdv
  6. Fabric.
  7. Pdv
  8. Between these two options, I would pick the PDV PM, although the exterior pocket on the PDJ looks very functional.

    Don't you already have one of these bags Dorf?
  9. I have pdv in Damier, but as you probably know.. Macassar is my favourite :smile:
  10. I do :smile: I love Macassar too. Such a gorgeous print! :cool:
  11. I tried on the damier ebene pdj and the slab of leather at the top of the bag looked a bit weird to me. The pdv pm looks better IMO
  12. The one with the most leather, and I like an outside zip pocket!
  13. Pdv
  14. Thanks for your opinions! Seems like the pdv pm is the preferred.. -by a wiiiide margin.
  15. I like the second one, I prefer zippered access on the outside of bags.