Which of these for myself.

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  1. Hey everyone so far the past few months iv been lookin for a diamond to put in an halo as pendant for myself! It's been going on for a few months.
    I had found he perfect stone but due to car accident I had I put the jewllery purchasing on hold to buy a new car.
    So I have been looking for a stone but being on purseforum and pricescope I'm getting to indecisive of what I want! I want everything lol

    So I have been thinking should I stick I a half carat diamond in a halo pendant
    Two VCA sweet pendants to layer (one pink gold clover and one white MOP butterfly)
    Instead of a pendant get the vca clover bracelet (vintage in yellow gold)

    They all kind of add up to similar cost apart from the bracelet which is about £600 more than the other two.

    If I get one of the first two, with my bonus next month il be able to by a givency bag (have not brought a bag in 3 years!)
    However if I get the bracelet that's it.

    Also this is going to be my last jewellery purchase for the year.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Anyone :smile:
  3. Wow this is tough....diamonds, VCA or Givenchy bag...hm
    Personally I would choose the first option. The diamond halo pendant, because for me diamonds are forever and I love them! Although I looove bags, I can´t get over myself to spend so much money...VCA is gorgeous, but also you will only get a very "tiny" piece od jewelry for your money that is probably not as much worth as you paid for.
    So I stick with my decision. I would pick a nice half carat diamond, for a reasonable price and would have it set in a nice halo.
  4. I don't know much about VCA but I agree with the poster above, a diamond halo pendant is a classic choice and choosing that also enables you to get the Givenchy bag too :graucho:
  5. I know!

    I thought i was over my bag phase but then i saw the Givency antigona bag I fell in love!
  6. maybe a DBTY style necklace from BGD?
  7. I'm swaying towards the diamond pendant in a halo.
  8. I would choose the diamond pendant. What a fun decision!
  9. Last option. VCA bracelet. There have been rumblings on the blog of a price increase. It is classic and you will wear it forever. You can get a diamond anytime.
  10. As much as I love the bracelet I don't know if I would wear it forever
  11. I would pick the two pendants!
  12. Diamond pendant if you are planning to wear it everyday.
    If not, then the VCA bracelet.
  13. Diamond pendant or VCA perlee bracelet.
    Btw, the perlee is a great piece and it stays super shiny.
  14. I want it to be an everyday piece. That would go with majority of outfits.
    I'm trying to build up on classic jewellery pieces while I can!
  15. I just re read that you were considering the vintage Alhambra bracelet...not the perlee bangle.
    In that case, I would recommend the diamond pendant.