Which of these for my work bag

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  1. Second one without a doubt
  2. Anyone? :smile:
  3. I'm also leaning towards that.
    If the first one was more horizontal id like that more
  4. I'm not a fan of the chain strap on the first and it looks relatively flimsy KWIM? The second to me looks much better executed and sturdier, and I like the lines of the bag. Very classic and I'm assuming sarrafino is a better wearing design, especially for work. Go for it! :P
  5. If you want this one to last the next 4 years I vote for the first one, because I think the wing-y style of the second one will date it.
  6. The second one.... go for it
  7. What do you carry day to day to and from work? Do you need it to fit a laptop or a tablet? Will you have to carry client files?

    Personally I like #1 but if it's something you're going to need to take on appointments, it might be too "square" and not "horizontal" enough to fit things you might need to carry. #2 looks like it might be more practical as a work bag.
  8. Second one. :smile:
  9. For a work bag? The second one! The first one is much too small for that purpose!
  10. I don't need a very large bag because I have a seprate laptop bag where my laptop goes and where I put my laptop and documents.
    The bag I need is just for my essentials, my wallet, umberella, small make up bag and other bits and bobs.

    I like both, I like the texture of the leather and chain of the first but a bit unsure about the shape. I like the shape and colour of the second.

    If anyone else has any other similar priced/colour suggestions il happy to take a look! I just don't want anything covered in logos and it needs to be leather :smile:

    Thanks for the suggestions
  11. Do you like quilted leathers? If yes, Kate Spade have several nice designs in the Sedgewick Place line.
  12. Are you looking for a bag to carry year-round? I ask because the white on the second to me says that it's a warm-weather bag. I think you could get away with carrying the first one most of the year, if you kept it clean.

    But, that's just my opinion. Go with what your heart says!
  13. It will be all year around bag. I like these colours as most of my bags are dark and I want to change it up :smile:
  14. I'm with morejunkny. The shape of second one will look dated more quickly (already getting there?). Trusting your judgment on how you winnowed it down to these two, so no comment on whether/how they meet your needs - that's your call :smile:.

    Between these two, the first one. It looks timeless and elegant - very professional, yet also a standout from the sea of black work bags. It is quite striking - like it a lot!

    Either way, good luck and have fun with your choice - come back to post pics of whatyou end up with!