which of these duffel bags suits a man best?

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  1. All of them are unisex, but which of them do you think suits a man best?

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  2. In order of my personal preference:

    DE LV
    monogram LV
    monogram Gucci

    But, if you could get an epi LV (new or pre-owned) in black, that would be gorgeous IMO.

    Good luck!
  3. I'm rooting for the third one :smile:
  4. Another vote for the DE LV. Although the Damier Graphite is even more guy-ish IMO.
  5. Another vote for the LV DE.
    The mono is nice as well.
  6. Hmm.. I'm a bit surprised. Can you tell me why? Personally I think the Gucci is the most masculine.
  7. I don't like Gucci. I think LV quality is far superior.
  8. Well, the question was actually which bag will suit a man best, not quality or personal taste.
  9. 1. Gucci because of the shape
    2. LV Damier because it looks classy

    I vote against the monogram - that's not manly at all.
  10. It seems you have made your decision.
    For me, all thses bags can be carried by a man.
    It's true I see lots of LVs in airports.....
  11. Since it seems like you prefer LV, I would love to say that I am really really into Epi leather!
  12. Exactly what you say. The DE is also nixe, but I wish the shiny "yellow ish" gold hardware was toned a bit down. Its so flashy. The hardware on the Gucci is better cause its light gold. Its like a mix between gold and silver, and easy to match both gold and silver metal.
  13. The Damier print out of the three x

  14. I see much more LV on men; also the Gucci, as others have said, might not hold up as well :smile:
  15. What I think would be even more masculine (just a suggestion!), is the damier azur duffle x