Which of these do you think is best for travel?

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  1. Great idea - Can I ask where you found the shoulder pad?
  2. IMG_5934.jpg

    U can see the shoulder pad attached to the strap. I order from POPEQ on Etsy, they come in various colors and size.

    My only gripe is the underside is smooth, so if u are smooth surface clothes like winter jacket or silk, the shoulder pad may slip off your shoulder. But if you cross-body then no issue at all.

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  3. Oh that looks very nice, and it seems to color match the strap really well. I will check them out - thanks!!

    (And LOVE your Halzan!)
  4. Definitely the Jypsiere...I don’t dress it up if I’m sightseeing. I will always bring a twilly and Maxi twilly to dress it up for dinner or for leisure days when traveling.
  5. @QuelleFromage made a quip in the wildlife thread that made me think of updating this - I had an unexpected experience that really illustrates the quality of H leathers.

    I did end up choosing the K35, solo, for a 3 week trip. It worked out quite well, especially with a long strap for cross-body wear. I did buy a smaller bag towards the end, which was by that time a relief from using the same bag every day, and also nice to be able to pare down a bit.

    On arrival day our lunch table was quite small with nowhere to park the bag. I had a folding nylon tote inside but decided to be Zen and just put the bag on the floor (I always feel like traveling makes everything a bit dirty - why fight it so much?). About 30 seconds later my dog, who was on my lap, barfed all over my leg and the bag! DH took the dog, and I ran to the restroom and spent about 10 minutes wiping the bag down with water, a bit of hand soap, and dabbing off the moisture. At one point I thought I was done and then noticed that there was a bit of discoloration on the stitching, so started the whole process over again. (The lighting was very dark so it was even more of an ordeal, but thank goodness there were paper towels and not just a hand dryer!)

    I am utterly relieved to report that there is no sign of any mishap anywhere on the bag. Whew! I am thinking this definitely qualifies it to be designated as my go-to “workhorse”. (And I will never, ever, ever, put a bag on the floor again!:smile: )
  6. Nice report! A K35 has just bubbled up in my wishlist.

    I have traveled extensively with my very old B35, my Evie Sellier 29 and am traveling with my K28 alone this week. I am going to try my J28 next week.

    So far, the K28 is winning for me. And I think the K35 will do even better.
  7. Thanks - I also like the J28 for travel, as long as I don't have to do too much in/out during the day. When I know I will be making a lot of purchases it gets to be a bit too much of a hassle. But as a run-around smallish bag I love the J.
  8. My reading of your story does not apportion any blame to the misfortune suffered by your bag with it being on the floor.
    Wherever you had placed it, it could have suffered a similar fate depending on the direction your hound was facing.
    Your resolve should be never to place your dog on your lap in a restaurant.
  9. :biggrin:
    Unfortunately for my beloved bags, DD (dear dog) takes precedence without question.
  10. Have to say, I am with you on this! Dogs are a priority over bags every time!
  11. What about the Berline? Does anyone have one of those? I always thought they were cute, and with the wide strap maybe comfortable for travel.
  12. My go to travel crossbody is my mini-berline. I don't have the larger one...yet :graucho:
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  13. I tend to alternate between the Bolide or Lakis for travels. Love the Bolide for the zipped closure (one can never be too careful when traveling now). Love the Lakis for its super-stylishness & the broad shoulder strap. Plus, the outside pockets are so convenient and means that I do not have to open/close the bag to reach out for my phone.