Which of these do you think is best for travel?

  1. I agree about the J's weight. I do love my Halzan but it is much less of a neutral color. So, I think maybe I need to take the J, get annoyed again, and buy a new Halzan! Problem solved.....:biggrin:
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  2. Hehehe I want another Halzan too...mine is Gold and I want a blue one!
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  3. I think the halzan is beautiful but the strap dug into my shoulder and was probably one of the most uncomfortable bags I ever carried. I sold it after a week which I have never done before. I would load it up and try before committing to take it on a trip— although I know others love it.
  4. Good point - the J is heavy but the strap is wide and has a wider guard so it distributes the weight better. I usually don't overload the Halzan so haven't had a problem with the strap digging in. I _wish_ I could survive happily with 1 bag for 2 weeks! I like to travel light and the bag decision always causes headaches. I don't terribly miss my Chanel WOCs (too small for all my stuff plus now needed reading specs) but they were so easy to fit into luggage!
  5. Love H blues - my Halzan is Hydra which I love but know I would get sick of for a whole trip.
  6. Halzan, handsfree and casual with the strap, nice and trendy clutch for evenings ( mine is a mini).
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  7. Yours looks so nice on you!
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  8. Love Hydra!!!
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  9. Oh thanks for posting this - I've been having some heartburn around buying a 31 Halzan due to worrying about the strap being uncomfortable.
  10. I vote for Halzan too! Hands free and not so fussy... I don't buckle it even when traveling, I find that if it's not over stuffed, it folds over nicely and I keep it in front which is secure enough. Plus, having it available as a clutch at night is nice. I have it in Etain which works with a lot, thinking about a more summery neutral now that warm weather is starting up again!
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  11. Thank you for the kind compliment I’ve been fortunate to find H bags that fit my lifestyle.
  12. I bought a similar colored leather shoulder pad and slot it thru the strap for more support. I used my Halzan during my recent Hong Kong trip and the strap didn’t dig because of that.

  13. I have used my Kelly 28cm retourne in togo many times on EU trips. It has the shoulder strap and is dressy enough for evening. I also take an additional canvas cross body strap for the Kelly which makes it even more user friendly. My other choice is a Bolide because of the zipper and shoulder strap.
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  14. Definitely Bolide. It's so easy and handy to get things in and out of, and can be hand held or shoulder carried. i once traveled with my kelly, the opening drove me mad especially getting passport boarding pass in and out when going through custom. Otherwise i also recommend Lindy, wide shoulder strap is comfy to be shoulder carried, the side pockets are great for small items, i usually keep 1 zipper open and tuck in my hand to get things in and out, a good choice for travelling.
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  15. I would vote for Halzan too, however the strap does dig in if you overload, I actually prefer mini Halzan since I can’t overload it! ;)