Which of these do you think is best for travel?

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  1. Hi - I am trying to pick just one bag for an upcoming trip (mostly city, mostly walking) - which of these do you think is best option?
    • Jypsiere 28
    • Halzan 31
    • Bolide 30 1923
    • Kelly 35
    • Other?
    I have used a J several times before while traveling. I always think it's going to be great and I end up finding that I fiddle with getting in and out more than when just running errands at home. I think I would want to keep the Halzan handles buckled, and that makes it more of a chore getting in/out (although it has the back pockets available for phone, etc.). I have never traveled with the Bolide and just twice with a K, which I found to be a bit big for the purpose. Also I tend to carry an additional shoulder/handheld tote for purchases.

    Any opinions/insights are much appreciated!
  2. the J is definitely

    I was going to suggest Halzan but if you prefer to keep the handles buckled it'll definitely be tougher to open / close.

    Have you considered a Roulis 23? Can be worn cross body (tho the strap length makes it such that the bag actually sits a tad higher on ur hip instead of the true cross body like Halzan or Jypsiere), and the design makes everything secure inside while still ensuring that it's not a chore to open and close. Bonus: external pocket!
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  3. Would you be able to carry the Bolide crossbody? The zipper seems to make it easier to get in and out of.
  4. I took my black chamonix bolide to Europe for 3 1/2 weeks and wore it crossbody. It turned out to be the most versatile bag I could have taken with me. It dresses up and down easily, the zipper makes it easy to access quickly, and it did great even on the days it rained. It’s also low key and under the radar.
  5. Jypsiere 28
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  6. I found the 28cm Jypsiere awfully heavy when loaded. For lots of walking, I prefer a Halzan or Roulis. And, in a pinch, the Halzan can be used as a tote.
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  7. Jypsiere can get heavy and not necessarily easy to open quickly when closed. How about an Evelyne 33. I find it a great travel bag, can be worn cross body. When the leather tab is snapped I feel it’s secure.
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  8. I would have said Birkin for easy access. I don’t care for straps as much as I care for getting in and out of my bag with ease. Otherwise, the J for sure.
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  9. Have you thought of a silky city bag? Depending on your style I guess, but I find it fits a lot, is very lightweight, and can be shoulder or crossbody. But I wear mostly solid color pieces of clothing when I travel so that I can mix and match. Wouldn’t work so well with prints.
    It also packs really easy if you want to use as a day bag and bring something else for evening.
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  10. Jypsiere and Kelly should be very secure providing you bothered to close them properly and not leave them flapping - however not easy for quick one handed access

    Halzan a bit complicated depending on how you configure it.

    Bolide should easy to access and easy to secure and pretty smart too
  11. Have you considered an Evelyne?
  12. Probably the J first then Kelly... let us know what you go with!
  13. ^^ this too!
  14. Thank you all! I will probably bring the J. I realize that one of the things that I find annoying about using it for travel is that there is no short handle. But I have seem some interesting solutions here for that by adding a scarf/twilly. I have meant to give that a try and will actually do it this time!

    (And thanks for the suggestions on the Roulis - I wasn't really familiar with this bag and it's a beauty!)
  15. Definitely Halzan for me. I'm travelling all through Italy with halzan 31 and it buckles closed securely but very easy access and the shorter strap option great. I've traveled with jypsiere and it's heavy...
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