Which of these do you like better - Hudson v. Gryson?

  1. First is the Alexis Hudson and second is the Gryson. Which do you like better and have you seen either IRL?
    alexis hudson.jpg gryson.jpg
  2. definately the Gryson, i don't like the studs on the Hudson. i have 3 Gryson bags and i LOVE them!
  3. Gryson for sure. =)
    Her bags (italian leather & suede lining) are very beautiful in real life.
  4. Gryson, for sure.
    But I'm biased, I've been majorly lusting after one myself. :smile:
  5. def. the gryson!!!
  6. gryson! That first one is too studly for me.
  7. As far as looks go - the Gryson.
  8. Gryson!
  9. The Gryson-by far! Good luck finding the one you'll like!
  10. Those Gryson's are so smart looking! I vote Gryson all the way!
  11. Wow! That Gryson's really nice!
  12. Gryson's:yes:
  13. Out of those two I would pick the Gryson, but I don't like either of them.
  14. LOVE the Gryson.
  15. Love the Gryson - especially since I saw it IRL. My local Neiman's has the exact bag pictured and it looks really awesome!