Which of these colors YOU'd like to see for F/W 08!

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  1. All the speculating encouraged me to create this thread--do bear with me--I'm slow at loading up these pictures--5 at a time:smile:

    Which ones you'd like to see in F/W 08?

    Please do add your pic(s) if you have other colors in mind;)

    OOPS...I can't add a Poll....can anyone help me with this?
    Lexus_bluewtmk.jpg BMW_graywtmk.jpg Bike_taupewtmk.jpg Cellphone_purplewtmk.jpg Crystal_purplewtmk.jpg
  2. Here's 5 more....more to come:smile:
    Converse_bluewtmk.jpg Dress_greenwtmk.jpg Feather_bluewtmk.jpg Flower_orangewtmk.jpg Grape_red.jpg
  3. Here's a few more:smile:
    Jade_greenwtmk.jpg Lilac_lilacwtmk.jpg Tulip_pinkwtmk.jpg Yard_greenwtmk.jpg
  4. [​IMG]

    Definitely this - I have been longing for a really great lime colored green like this. A gorgeous, bright pop of color, but not as bright as 05 AG.
  5. And it matches your Avatar's shoe color! ;)
  6. I would kill for a ruby red (somewhere between Rouge Vif and Rouge Theatre) and a true emerald green, since the previous "Emerald" doesn't look anything at all like the stone. Something like Vert Gazon but deeper and bluer.
  7. :lol: LOL!! I was totally thinking that right after I posted!!
  8. That DOES sound really pretty:smile:
  9. I'd like to see a dark dark maroon-ish rich burgundy black cherry red & a dark Grey... slightly lighter than the plomb but darker then gray. :yes:

    I'll have to find pictures and add them later.. ;)
  10. me too! ~ :yes: ~ however i am a little concerned over pic 5 in post 2 ~ & i don't mean as to whether or not bal could manage to produce the colour! ~ :wtf:
  11. definitely the red grapes!!
  12. I've been hurting for a Gray since 2005. Gris Fonce in 06 had too many veins and light blue hues for me. I want a thick, soft and even toned elephant gray. In a Twiggy please.
  13. I'd love if Bal would make these:


  14. i would love to see these two colors: fire engine/berry red and an emerald aqua color
    fireengineberryred.jpg emeraldaqua2.jpg
  15. One more: