Which of these birkin bags would be hardest (or easiest) to obtain from H store?

  1. I am trying to decide my "2007" expenditures/wish list, and there are a few birkin combinations that interest me. Any thoughts on the order of difficulty of obtaining these, would be much appreciated (they are all fairly difficult, I know that, but if you had to rank them). (Please dont laugh):

    All 35 cm, all PH:

    black togo (on wait list for over six months already)
    natural vache or fjord
    blue jean togo

    If any of these are generally more available in any particular region, or in Paris, that information is helpful too.
  2. I think the most difficult to obtain would be a Birkin in Barenia since, as of late, Hermes has only produced Barenia on smaller leather goods.
  3. ^ yup. You might have more luck with a Barenia/Toile Combo.
    Also, both black and Blue Jean are very coveted. :sad:
    Not sure about natural Fjord.
  4. ^ Togo leather is not available for Spring/Summer 07 in the Black or BJ or Gold Birkins at FSH as it was not ordered by the managers for the coming season only clemence. I know I had to turn down a Gold 35 Birkin because it wasn't my leather of choice. I was told Togo will be available in the Winter. At least 6 months time, so I have got to be patient. I am not sure if Clemence is considered more of a summery leather or whether it complements John Paul Gaultier's Catwalk Collection with the slouchy bags and the folded Kellys that is why Paris didn't order it this season. I should imagine it might be a different story at the other Hermes locations as managers get to place their own orders for the seasons...??
  5. Mad Av very often has 35 cm BJ togos stashed 'in the back'....
  6. That's an interesting tidbit, Grill! I'm glad because my next two bags (not Birkins) will be in Clemence.
  7. At my store (in Italy) Birkins will be only in Clemence, Swift and Fjord in various colors, for the coming season. From your list I think the most difficult to order would be Barenia....
  8. ^^ Thanks, duna for sharing. It does help to give a fairly good indication what to expect for this part of the world too. I doubt very much that it would be too different.

    These 3 leathers are none of what I would like to have, unfortunately. BUT, it can be viewed as a good thing as well .... that the bag/s that I hope to get will not come so soon, so no need for another major expenditure on H bags :sweatdrop: in the new season! :sweatdrop:
  9. Hey Ladies, do anyone of you know how easy it will be to get a BJ Birkin in Epsom? I hardly hear of people carrying that leather.
  10. Can't you Podium Order, MrsS ? That's the only way I can get the color/leather combos I want.....
  11. Most Difficult: Barenia -- as mentioned above, they only make small accesories in this type leather now.

    Easiest: Black togo and blue jean togo -- highest volume of orders during the podium.

    In-Betweens: Natrual vache or fjord -- I believe these are based on your choices of color and also luck!
  12. Hey Ladies, when you mean Podium order, do you mean Special order?
  13. Oh, you mean a Special Order if it's not a general offering at the Podium? (ooo, I am confusing myself here!) Well, I have put in my request, but in the frenzy that Podium always becomes ... hopefully I do not get forgotten. There is such a high demand yet shortage of Birkins here that it will require several years to clear them. I correct myself - never clear .... orders keep coming in and in and in ......
  14. It should be fairly easy, jasanna. There already is BJ Epsom for leather accessories. So, it's not like it's not an available colour.
  15. Thanks Mrs Sparkles. I just got back from Zurich today thou, asked the SA at the store and he said that no one wants a Birkin in Epsom these days and so, it's pretty impossible to get one for a Birkin, but for accessories, yes...there are. No Birkins sighted at the Zurich store sadly, but a Gold Swift Kelly available. Went into the Munich store over the weekend as well, sadly, no Birkins nor Kellys either :sad: