Which of these 3 white bags do you like best?

  1. Time to get ready for summer! Which do you prefer?

  2. I like the last one.. What type of handbags are these?
  3. I like the last one the best. The first one is too plain for me and gotta see the second one in person to decide :smile:
  4. I like the first one...
  5. Third one, I like satchels.
  6. Last one.
  7. first or last..
  8. Number one!
  9. The last one! :yes:
  10. 3rd one
  11. [​IMG] the best
  12. I like the contrasting colors in number two, very beachyish..and it seems like more of a cute handbag as opposed to shoulder bag.

    For a shoulder bag I would say number three.

    I'm kinda really liking number two though..... :graucho: lol
  13. Third one
  14. number 3...go 3!:yahoo: :yahoo:
  15. I like the 1st one!