Which of their luggage pieces are carry on??

  1. I had pointed to a keepall and asked an SA if it was carry on and he said it was.. There were two in the store and I was pointing at the smaller. I thought it was a 50 but then I realized there was a 45.

    So out of all their luggage pieces (pegase, sirius, everything) , which ones are carry on? Thanks for the help!:flowers:
  2. Pegase- 50, 60
    Keepall- 45, 50, 55
    Sirius- 45, 55
    Eole- 50, 60
    Alma Voyage MM

    When you look on the LV site at specific pieces, just look for it to say "cabin sized" to determine if it's carry on or not.
  3. oh thank you so much for taking the trouble! I hadn't thought of that lol I just went to elux.
  4. No problem! :tup:
  5. Carryall as well!