Which of the two different Chanel Wallets do you prefer?

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  1. Hi Ladies!

    Just bought two different style zip wallets from Fashionphile since I could not decide on either.

    Would love your inputs in detail on which wallet do you like better of the two, and why?

    #1 Caviar Quilted Large Gusset Zip Around Wallet in Gold

    Link: http://www.fashionphile.com/chanel-pearly-caviar-quilted-large-gusset-zip-around-wallet-gold-112587




    #2 Red Patent Quilted Zip Pocket Wallet in Red

    Link: http://www.fashionphile.com/chanel-patent-quilted-zip-pocket-wallet-red-116718



    Much appreciated PF gals! :heart:
  2. First one but I like chanels metallics
  3. Love the second one! I'm really into patent right now and something red is great to have in a collection!
  4. Same here! Will be my first patent purchase from Chanel. I saw the same one at the Chanel store and thought it looked gorgeous in person.
    SO excited for it to arrive :smile:
  5. This is such a tough choice. Red patent is stunning but that gold! It's just so special! Are you keeping both?
  6. If you have the funds, keep them both. ;)
    They're pretty different styled wallets.
  7. I think the long zip wallet is too big for most Chanel bags so I'd stick with the red patent....Especially because the red is a gorgeous shade! Also I like the zippered back pocket for coins :smile:
  8. I like zip around wallets for everyday use. It helps me keep everything in one place.

  9. I bought the red patent one first because I've always loved the pocket zip style, but at the same time I saw the gold one and it's different / roomier. Might use the gold one as a wallet clutch, should I? :biggrin:

  10. Thanks for the input! Yes, I like to use wallets to hold on phones as well.

    Does anyone know if an iPhone 6 fit inside these two wallets?
  11. Is it the same size as this one?
  12. I have both and yes my iPhone 6 Plus fits into the large zip around wallet so it works well for evening clutch. The l-zipped pocket wallet does not. It is much smaller but very cute and functional. I like to use that one for my smaller bags... Like the m/l flap. I love both .... So if you can keep both I say do it :smile:.
  13. I would get the red patent leather one. It's always nice to see a pop of color in your handbag!

    The gold caviar zip around, I'd hesitate to get because I wonder how gold leather will wear over time.
  14. I like the design of the red patent but prefer the gold caviar colour more but not the design. I have a zip around and feels 'old'. Plus it is mor difficult to access cards with the zip zip around can def fit an iphone 6...u just take a look at the dimensions and shd b able to gauge