Which of my bags, and any Chloes, should I let go of to get the Capsule?

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  1. Yep I'm in love.

    I'm even thinking of selling my 06 chocolate. (But I'd have to know how the leather is on the new Capsule..)

    I think I might buy from Neiman Marcus, actually, or Chloe themselves in Boston, so I need to save up quite a bit for the $1780. (Oh why more expensive than the original?)

    I don't think I want to sell my ... ok I'm so far out of touch with my new total purse ban that I can't remember the colour names. :sad: Umm... (don't hate me! LOL) drat. Ok the grey one with the green in it. (Soo embarrassed.)

    But I'm not ruling it out.

    And I might want to sell my rouge one, but I liked it for winter, and I may like it again this winter. However at some point all my winters will be in FLA, so maybe I should let it go.


    And I know I'm already selling another one. And then I may have other designers to sell.

    I bet you're all going to tell me to keep them! I'm just not sure. I think I can make the capsule look very sophisticated, and it could replace my chocolate if they have it in a great brown. If not, I'd never sell my chocolate. So that will help.

  2. I think my vote would be for the rouge. I would def hold onto the grey (mousse or gris-vert??) as that is one of my favs. I'm sure not one will tell you to sell the choco....

    I'm not a huge fan of the capsule but if you love it and have to have it then I understand the need to sell a bag.

    by the way, where is the chloe store in boston?? I was under the impression from both the web and SA at south coast that they only have US stores in south coast, NYC, and and bal harbor??
  3. Oh there musn't be any Chloe stores here then, which stinks because at Neimans, A) I don't have much credit and B) I am over my Amex limit, so I can pay it into there but have less purchasing with it. (Sorry to get personal.)

    But I can put it on both cards, split tender, right?

    And yes - the mousse!

    All I know about stores in Boston are COACH (duh), Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton and Burberry.

    I just figured we had everything up here in the hub! (Is that what they call it? *shrug* LOL.) Guess it's more exclusive.

    You know the rouge (and I can't remember the style name of the shape now, ummmm) is the one with the pocket underneath, and it turns out that makes the top fit less. So it WAS a bit annoying, not so perfect.

    Ooh you know what?! I bought that because I dreamed of producing my own similar style bag, but that came close.

    And NOW I can actually make purses!!, by knitting them!! So I can knit a bag that's somewhat close to what I designed. So I can have both sides.

    Okie it's settled. :smile:

    Thanks so much.

    Now I have to see what else I have in my closet that I can sell for the rest of the budget. Ha ha. (It matters more on what I can get. :-P)

    I have other things to sell, like computers and a sewing machine, but alas, those must go toward other things. Like my laptop, my mum's laptop, and to just have for bills, cause I bought a NEW sewing machine. Heh.

    I have to Be STRONG! And save up. Besides, I have time. I'm waiting for the perfect colour.

    So far I see (sorry for some unofficial names) black, tan, blue nuit (that sounds good!) and one of the cremes (can't remember which).

    I might go browse the forums for some photos of other bags in the blue nuit!

    *Gets dreamy ideas of how to make that red winter bag.......* :smile:
  4. i vote to let go of the red too, if not then chocolate, especially if the capsule is going to have similar leather/be of a similar color!

    ps: you can buy chloe at gretta luxe in copley place!
  5. Thanks, and thanks for the tip!

    That store name sounds familiar.
  6. Hi there!

    My vote is to let go of the red...DON'T let the chocolate go...she's a beauty!!
    Enjoy your soon to be new capsule...I think it's very sophisticated & am drooling over it myself!!!