Which oak mulberry.......

  1. Hello and Merry Xmas everyone!

    Am hoping to get a Mulberry in the sale tomorrow (got £100 vouchers for xmas:yahoo:!) and trying to decide between an Oak Elgin and Oak Effie, saw a woman in John Lewis with an Oak Effie and she looked fab, also liking the Elgin (after previously dismissing it) but am worried its a bit big-tastic. Saw a woman in glasgow today with a pink Elgin, it was swoontastic!. Any recs? And what do Elgin owners think of the bag? Whats the weight like compared to the bayswater? and does it stay on the shoulders easily? TIA!:tup:
  2. Hey chick!!! I have the oak Elgin, 'tis big,but coz its sort of a flat shape and not square it sits under the arm really well,and the straps are good and long so it stays up pretty good too,very haevy though,especially compared to the Bays. If you don't have to cart too much stuff,I'd say the oak Effie,such a cutie!!!xxxxx
  3. Let us know what you decide!!! What about the Hanover or Somerset tote??? I don't think they are as heavy. My Bayswater is certainly there on my shoulder KWIM? hahaha but I don't care --- love it!!!! Hoping that if I switch shoulders frequently, my bingo wings will turn into muscle!!!!

    Post pics when you buy!!!!!!
  4. I want something that looks very "classic" mulberry so no somerset; it just doesnt float my boat. And I have my araline's for when I want a slouchy bag and I've seen the oak hanover in person; its like a banana split when its put on the floor; my stuff would be everywhere! Looks nice on the shoulder though but just not for me!

    I showed my OH the pic of you with the Elgin Chaz, his response was that the bag looked bigger than you! Men!!!!:rolleyes:
  5. I have both and prefer the Effie. It fits all of my day to day things and doesn't feel like a big bag.

    Post a picture of your choice.
  6. :tup::tup: Thanks for your thoughts!!! Something to think about!! What about Rosemary??
  7. Go for the Effie!!!
  8. Hahahahaaa!!! That is so funny!!! Tell him its because I have to lug all Sophies crap,PLUS Andys (funny how those 'damn bags' aren't such a bad thing after all at times isn't it!!??) and then I have to try and get my stuff in too!!! But saying that I am 5'6'',I think on someone smaller it would swamp them!!! So yeh,I totally agree with Jo,get the Effie,I saw one irl and its such a cutie!!! And fairly spacious too!! Just a bit smaller than the Roxy,but a touch longer than the Rosemary if I remember correctly.:yes:
  9. Yeah! I bought an Effie first day at the prewiev sales online. Got christmas money from dad and felt them best spent right away if not burning holes in my pocket...

    All your positive thoughts about that bag above now makes the waiting for delivery almost impossible! :yes:
  10. OOOO,I'm sharing your pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Haven't bought anything yet because I helpfully went into town without my mulberry vouchers! But when I went into the Mulberry shop they had the Euston and the ROSEMARY in 50% off even though their past season bags! So am hopefully getting an Oak Rosemary!!!!! I think the Elgin is just a bit too big for me and I love the way the Roxanne looks but the Roxanne is too heavy so this is a perfect compromise! Can't wait to go back to town tomorrow and pick her up! :yahoo:
  12. ^^^^^^^^^ ooo,I'm sorely tempted by an oak Rosemary...............but I'll wait a wee bit yet!!! But congratulations on yours!!!! Yipee!!! Pics please!!!xxx:yahoo:
  13. Yay for you!!! You don't know what the dimensions are do you?
  14. god no sorry! My heart was in my mouth and it was all I could do to stop myself from buying the bag without my mulberry vouchers, I've always loved the Rosemary but in the summer sale it was still £346 which is a bit steep for me, the most I've paid for a Mulberry is £297 (Emmy). If I manage to get my grubby mitts on one tomorrow I will post dimensions and piccies! xx
  15. :tup::tup:Best of luck to you!!!! I know what you mean, I am really trying not to spend so much on bags! It gets a little ridiculous!!