Which oak Bayswater?


Which oak Bayswater?

  1. Oak NVT

  2. Printed

  3. Union Jack

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  1. thee and me are very similar in taste me thinks- just checked out your family and love them all!! I took ages to plump for a bays as I always thought they were too big and didnt like the fact I couldnt put them on my shoulder easily- then ended up with 20 at one point- have a lot less now but still got a few....bet its not long until you get at least one!!
  2. TWENTY! - well that's a big:tup:for Bays if ever there was one!!!:graucho:....
  3. I'm with Onebagtoomany, in fact more vehement - I think the Union Jack turnlock looks rather tacky. Mind you, I'm busy avoiding the Olympics and loving the fact that our fair city is so empty right now - or at least the bits of it I'm going to!
    I love my NVT oak bays but as you say there are so many about, almost every day I go out I see one - although the same could be said of many other designer bags. The printed one I love, it will be more structured and yes slightly smarter, but still fine with casual stuff as opposed to scruffy stuff.....so I vote printed!
  4. Thank you very much. I guess I will end up with a bays at some point but like you feel they are too big for me. 20 WOAH!!! One in every single colour imaginable. :biggrin:
  5. Totally agree, all the reasons I am going for this one xxx
  6. I agree union jack would be more of an investment. It's just oak nvt with slight difference, so nothing to radical. In my eyes still looks classic but is special cos it's limited edition and will retain higher value too. Standard nvt & printed will always be available.
  7. He he, I'm glad someone agrees with me as I thought I was the only one! :tumbleweed: I am vehement in my dislike of it actually.. I really hate it but didn't want to offend anybody, the world would be such a boring place if we all liked the same thing and I'm sure some of my bags don't appeal to everyone. I just think that in a year's time when all the Olympic fever has died down the union jack version will be a bit of an oddity and will be harder to sell on too... not that bag buying should be swayed by this as you should buy what you love but with big purchases like this I always have a possible future sale in the back of my mind. Either oak NVT or printed are such classic choices and will never date.
  8. Hope so! I might be able to pick up a bargain one then:p