Which oak Bayswater?


Which oak Bayswater?

  1. Oak NVT

  2. Printed

  3. Union Jack

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  1. Hi all,

    I need your help deciding which oak Bayswater to get. I have been dithering about this for weeks and need some help making a decision!!

    Choices are:

    NVT -
    The classic, but everyone seems to have one!

    Printed -
    Don't see so many of them, but potential to look old fashioned?

    Union Jack Bayswater -
    Nice twist on the NVT, but I don't like that the Mulberry logo isn't on the front plate, as I think some people may think it's a fake

    What would you go for? I would be very happy with any of them, but I cannot choose! Help me ladies :smile:
  2. I vote for the Union Jack! It's Limited Edition so you won't see too many people with them. I'm also feeling particularly patriotic today :olympics:
  3. Defo the Union Jack. It's Ltd so it will be a collectors item. Great investment and snazzy piece of bling on the front :biggrin:
  4. Printed for me, definitely not old fashioned unless you are, and I'm sure you're not.

    Check out Andy Murrays GF Kim Sears, she carries one and it looks awesome.
  5. Got a black printed and love it but would def pick Union Jack bays as DP says it is limited. Buy the way which Union Jack bays, the one on .com or the exclusive one on Selfridges website?
  6. The one on .com not the Selfridges one. That is too out there for me! :smile:

    I'm quite surprised the Union Jack one is getting some early love on the poll. I was thinking that as they are still available on .com they must not have been that popular?
  7. Union Jack for me as well - I know I'm going to regret not getting it :smile:
  8. As you have put oak or the union jack it seems logical to just buy the union jack one as you get the best of both worlds.
  9. Maybe the NVT as you can't go wrong. The traditional bag and will never date.
  10. Union Jack bays!
  11. For me defo the one on Mulberry.com. The Union Jack IMO is classier than the coloured one. :biggrin:
  12. Oak printed for me I'm afraid - and the best example - a symmetrical one with the small scales at each side getting larger towards the middle.....as the pattern does vary markedly between each bag....:p
  13. Oak NVT - it is classic and will never date. Noone shoot me but I'm not keen on the Union Jack one at all and think it will look quite dated and dare I say it perhaps a little tacky after the patriotic fervour around the Jubilee and Olympics has completely died down. Printed is lovely (I used to have the choc version) but I don't think it is as easy to carry off with casual clothes. I dithered between getting NVT and printed when I went for my oak NVT Bays and am really glad I chose this one as it looks good with absolutely everything, I think I would really have regretted not getting it.
  14. Hmmm I have to admit that is what I am afraid of with the Union Jack Bays and why I haven't got it already.
  15. You might want to consider how much slouch you'd be happy with in the bag - I think the printed will be more structured? I personally like structure in a bays as I think it goes with the more sophisticated style