Which Oak Bayswater did I get!

  1. Yay I'm so glad you went for this one!! She looks amazing :smile: Great modelling piccies too.
  2. Love this! I don't think she's touristy at all, just a more special twist on a classic :smile:
  3. Oh it looks fabulous even though i voted for the printed as i love that leather more than the nvt.
    The union jack looks stunning on you and it was the right choice for you. CONGRATS!!!!
    I love the union jack anyway and have had numerous cheaper designer bags in it until i bought the oak ostrich union jack lily the bag of my dreams.;)
  4. Somersetlove, she is beautiful!! :woohoo: Absolutely love her and your modelling shots are great. I don't think she's touristy at all, she's a classic with a twist. And like you say, it's a reminder of a great time in Great Britain :love:

    I really want something with the Union Jack now!
  5. I voted the Union Jack, so pleased you went for it and I want it now too!! :graucho:
  6. Thanks JAN :smile:. I did really like the printed, but (and this is going to sound ridiculous) the print going from large squares to small really bothered me! It must have awakened some weird OCD in me! When I tried on the oak printed Alexa the other week, the print was lovely and even and looked fab, so I was a bit surprised the Bays i saw in the store had a stripe of small squares sort of slight off centre and I just couldn't cope with it.

    ... God I've just read that back, I really sound like a nutcase LOL!
  7. Thanks so much, I keep getting her out of the dust bag just to look at the leather and admire her!
  8. Yay! Sounds like you'd need to be quick if you wanted one direct from M, it was Rebecca Groom who told me that they only made 300 and there weren't that many left!
  9. Thank you, that's really nice of you!
  10. OK thanks.
  11. Thank you! I think I'm probably going to have to explain the plate each time I carry the bag, but she's worth it!
  12. Beautiful bag :biggrin: love your dress too :p
  13. Thank you! The dress is actually deep purple, but for some reason it looks blue in the pics!
  14. Beautiful! I love the look of the Union Jack collection, and this reveal makes me want to get one too. :p You look great carrying it! Congrats on your lovely new Bays!
  15. Imo DEFINATELY!!! The union jack is subtle- unlike the coloured one from Selfridges- and lifts this bays to a new level- it is superb!! Congrats- and even better it was a freebie- how fab is that!!!:lol: