Which NYC LV store to go to?

  1. Quick question-

    Going to NYC for a Broadway play tomorrow............we are going shopping on Sunday...........which LV store do you suggest?

  2. I like the big 5th avenue one?
  3. 5th avenue would be good if your a tourist visiting NY. It's a nice place to sight see if you aren't from around here. Have fun on your trip! :smile:
  4. I love the one in Macys.
  5. highly recommend the 5th/57th. I love my SA there and am actually going there tomorrow.

    also, you may know this already, but there is a Japanese book store that carries those LV/brand bible books on 49th off 5th right by Rockerfeller Centre.;)

    btw, what show are you going?
  6. going to Wicked for my parents annivarsy.........I think its wicked.................lol

    That sounds cool! do you by any chance have the address for that store?
  7. here you go;

    Kinokuniya Bookstore
    10 W 49th St., New York, NY 10020
    (212) 765-7766

    woo Wicked!! enjoy!!

    ps: thanks for the pm!!
  8. I like the soho store but the 5th ave store is bigger.
  9. oh, thank you sooo much!! hehehe.........i am so excited...........after that, my parents got reservations to a place called Taos
  10. I loooove NYC! I bought my very first LV on 5th Ave. Great store.
  11. I prefer Soho by far. Nice & quiet, not crowded at all & very nice SA's. But since your a tourist go to the 5th Ave. store. It's huge. Kinokuniya also has a delicious beautiful bakery. I highly highly recommend going & getting a few things.
  12. I totally agree, Diva! The SA's are so much nicer in Soho and I love that the store is quiet so you can look at everything w/o being attacked!! ;)
  13. The one is SOHO is nice too!

    ZOE, you get to see Wicked. I saw that a while ago along with Les Miserables, have fun!
  14. i think 5th avenue sounds cool, but ive never been. so i dont really know. lol
    oooh. what are you planning to get :smile:
  15. How cool! Have a great time. Maybe your Dad will be in such a good mood since it's his anniversary and he'll buy you (and your Mom) LV goodies while you're there!!:yes: