Which nude peep toe ?

  1. Hi Ladies... I'm a long time CL forum lurker (started in Chanel) and finally got my first CL pair a few weeks ago (black Pigalle kid 100) which I promise I will reveal soon... IM IN LOVE!
    I need help deciding between
    Hyper prive 120 nude patent
    Altadama 140 nude patent
    Lady peep 150 nude patent

    I feel like the alti will be more comfortable, and I'm tempted to wait for the hyper prive which I cant find anywhere in my size : (
  2. I love my Lady Peep nude.
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    Hyper Prive :smile:
  4. My vote would be for ADs, but given your signature... Hold out for what you love: HPs!
  5. I love my Lady Peep too
  6. lady peep
  7. Lady Peep for sure
  8. I have the Banane (like Lady Peep but it's a 140 instead of 150) & I absolutely love it. The comfort of the Banane 140 is like the Altadama. So from your list I say for comfort the Altadama.......but I like the look of the Lady Peep better.
  9. ^ Footcandyshoes.com has the Banane in 37.5 & 38.5 if you are interested in that style.
  10. Altadama.
  11. Saks Beverly Hills had the Banane in Nude. The Banane is surprisingly comfortable and aesthetically pleasing!
  12. lady peep
  13. Im biased Nude Lady peep gets my vote although I think the nude Banane would be easier to walk in!
  14. those are very different shoes. It depends on which height you want. I personally don't go over 140 so I'd want the hyper prive. I have the very prive nude and I love it. Decide how high you want it and go with that shoe. Everyone will have their own preferences on what they love depending on what they are comfortable with. But, they are all beautiful shoes and very comfortable. (I haven't tried on the ad, though)
  15. thank you ladies!! I'm going to the CL on Robertson to try on the LP : ) If I find the Altadama I'll probably get them though... Thank you everyone for your help!