Which nude patent shoes do you like better CL or Manolo see pics

  1. Which do you like better and why? Manolo Ringo or Louboutin Very Prive? I find the manolo's much more comfortable, easy to walk in. I've been wanting the CL for a long time, they are sexy and well - they are Louboutin.

  2. I love them both! Its hard to pick one since they are very different styles but the Manolos for me would be a daytime\afternoon shoe and the CLs would work day to night.
  3. I agree they are totally different in looks and vibes. I would keep both for variety, depending on the outfits and/or feel you are going for each time you need a nude patent. The Monolo is sexy edgy whilst CL is sexy classy. So which is more your style, if you need to pick one?
  4. wow, I think there two different looks. I love the manolos's:drool:
    If you find the manolo's easier to walk in, THen go for those... Now I would get both:nuts:
  5. i think those manolos r way more unique...totally hot!
    and from the pic i can kind of see ur arch rests on the manolos where as it kinda doesnt even touch the CL arch. The manolos look way more comfy!
  6. I'd choose the CL's for myself, although both are TDF!! I'm just not a fan of straps on my feet. They don't suit me, but I think on someone else they'd be beautiful.
  7. I love them both!
    But as they stated before...they are 2 totally different shoes for 2 totally diff. outfits/time of day. I love love love the Very Prive.
  8. Gosh, looks like a LouBou booboo!:lol:
  9. ^I have a high arch so that happens on a lot of my shoes on one side.

    I've already worn the Manolo's so they aren't returnable. I'm not sure of the CL's. I've been wanting this color for over a year and finally found them at Saks. I'm unsure about keeping them since I already have a nude patent shoe.
  10. CLs! LOVE THOSE!
  11. I like the manolos better AND they look better on your foot
  12. i love the cl but there's something about the ringo.

    did you purchase the ringo recently? if so, where from please? i want a pair!
  13. Those Manolo nude patent Ringo's are actually the ony pair of MB's I own -- they are really gorgeous! But for my tiny/narrow feet actually the CL nude patent VP's are more comfortable. For some reason my feet just slide forward way too much in the Manolo's and the heel also feels a bit unstable to me. If you can -- and esp. since the Manolo's are comfortable for you -- keep them both! I'm all for splurging on/investing in perfect neutral shoes (as opposed to bling bling party shoes) and it's rare to come across a perfect or near-perfect nude patent shoe.....so if you've found it, keep it!
  14. I prefer the Manolos over the CLs...
    But if you've desired th Cls for such a long yime, them keep them!The colour is also very versatile!
  15. ive got the exact same shoes. both of them and love them both.
    the CL very privé in nude patent is a classic now and you cant go wrong!
    the Manolo Ringo is a beautiful much more refined shoe and to be honest does actually look better on the foot. (this is from a die hard CL fan)