Which nude flats should I buy?

  1. The Pradas are cute! I have no experience with Prada flats, but Lanvin feels like a cloud is surrounding your foot. Seriously, I didn't understand why people would go on about them and pay the $$$, but then I bought some on sale and I GET IT.
  2. I think it's up to you - I tend to buy a lot of miu miu ballet flats because I *like* the little details: the bows, the jewels, the studs - it makes them totally stand out. Lanvin can be super plain, but are very very comfy. So it depends on the look you're going for. Want to add a pop and standout, or keep it classic? I'd say depends on how you dress and your wardrobe. Either one is very good quality and you won't regret buying either of them!
  3. Thanks for all your opinions ladies. I've decided to go with the Prada flats but I don't really want to pay the huge customs fee by getting them from Saks, so I wondered if any ladies know of any European sites that sell these particular shoes? They do sell them in Selfridges in the UK but don't do half sizes.
  4. ^Hi! Have you tried Yoox or Mytheresa.com? I think both carry Prada, but not sure if they have the exact same style...
  5. Yes, thanks. I already tried these with no luck. Mytheresa doesn't sell Prada shoes, they only have the sunglasses.
  6. Have telephoned a lot of places in the UK and just can't find the Prada flats in a 38.5 so my only option is to buy them from Saks but they will charge me over £60 in customs fees! That's astronomical! It seems so silly when I can get full sizes in this shoe from my local department store without having to pay the extra. Should I just go with my true size and hope they will stretch or fork out the extra money for the bigger size? My true size was cutting into the back of my heel with the elastic and my third toe on only one of my feet was a bit snug. I must have one foot bigger than the other!

    I have also just spotted these Miu Miu shoes which are pricier but still lovely

  7. I purchased the Prada flats with the bow in nude patent in a size 38 and I think they are okay, they seem to be fairly comfortable and I think they'll stretch. At the moment the back is rubbing on my heel so I've been wearing plasters but hopefully it will get better over time.