Which nude flats should I buy?

  1. Please help me to decide which nude patent flats to buy.

    Prada bow flats


    Or nude patent Lanvin flats. Sorry I can't find a link for these but they are the plain flats with elastic, no detail on them.

    My issues with them both are that the Lanvin could look like I am not wearing any shoes at all because of the colour and lack of detail, but I'm worried I may eventually think the Pradas are too fussy because of the bow and I'm also not sure that I like the Prada logo being so obvious. I do love both of these shoes though. I'm just trying to weigh up the pros and cons. The Lanvins I have never seen in real life nor have i tried them on so I'd be taking a risk as the postage charge is quite high and I would have to return them at my own cost if they weren't suitable. They are only available in a half size bigger than my true size and I'm not sure if this would fit okay, also I'm not too sure what the nude tone will be like against my own skintone. It looks like quite a dark nude tone from what I have seen. The Pradas will have to be shipped from the States which will incur about £50 in fees which is a lot. I have seen these in real life and tried them on as they sell them at Selfridges but don't have half sizes which I need. The shoes were lovely on.

    Which should I get? TIA
  2. I have no experience with Lanvin so I'd take Prada,my friend few days ago bought the same Prada's flats just in black,and she's really satisfied with her choice.She says they're comfortable and gets a lot of compliments for them.
  3. I would go for the Prada flats. I have a pair of the Prada patent bow flats and not only do I get a ton of compliments on them when I wear them but they are extremely comfortable. They have also held up extremely well.
  4. Thanks ladies. Do the Prada flats run a half size small?
  5. Thanks. I'm glad she's enjoying them. Do you know if she took her regular size or did she size up?
  6. I have the leather bow prada flats (not this particular one but quite similar) and I feel like going up half size is better fit than my normal size due to the elastic design.
  7. I have both Prada and Lanvin flats. Recently bought the Prada flats you're considering in a blue suede - love them. I find that the patent tends to be stiffer and I usually go up a half size.
  8. Have you tried Jimmy Choo flats.....I usually find flat ballet pumps rub but the Jimmy Choo pair I bought last year are really comfy but I do like the Prada flats you have chose......I just bought a pair of Prada wedges & there really comfy & I also used to own a pair of Prada boots which were comfy too.
  9. They fit me TTS. I am a 38.5 (8.5) in CL, Manolo, Lanvin, etc and took a 38.5 in these.
  10. If you do the Lanvin, definitely size up. I'd go up either a half or maybe even a full size. I've had mine that were 1/2 size up stretched bc the elastic was ripping my heels to shreds. So I wouldn't worry about the half size up!
  11. She took regular size,actually,she wanted to take size up,but in the store they told her she shouldn't do that 'cause they're going to 'stretch' or something ...
  12. I initially bought my true size in Selfridges but when I got home and tried them on around the house, they felt a bit snug around my 3rd toes. I went back to try the full size bigger as they don't have half sizes but that felt slightly too big. This is why Im thinking of buying the half size bigger from Saks and having them shipped over. As the SA said to your friend, I'm sure they would stretch but if the length is too short, I don't think they would stretch that much. Also the elastic was really cutting into my heel.
  13. No, I haven't tried Jimmy Choo flats. I had a look and couldn't see a nude style I liked.
  14. That's reassuring to hear. Thanks!
  15. Go with the Lanvins