Which Nordstroms sell Chanel bags?

  1. I'm new to this forum (hello!) and I've noticed that quite a few mention purchasing their Chanels at Nordstrom; I had no idea! I have access to 8 of them plus Saks and NM and only the last 2 carry Chanel (and not at both stores either). TIA for any and all info.
  2. Yes I'd like to know as well, because I haven't seen any Chanel in the Nordstroms that are in my area.
  3. Seattle, Mall of America (Minnesota), and L.A. I'm fairly certain those are the only 3 for now.
  4. BTW - I'd highly reccomend Frederick in Seattle and Lori in L.A. They are both awesome.
  5. April -- which store in LA? Topanga? The Grove? Westside Pavilion?
  6. Thank you so, so much!
  7. Yes, Downtown Seattle, Topanga Plaza, and Mall of America. Later this year they will be adding CHANEL to a store in Portland, too.
  8. Yahoo . . . I am going to Seattle in May for brother's wedding, I think I will need to make a side trip to Chanel to see Frederick! (that would be happy end to my bag ban :smile: )
  9. Yes, Seattle has it!

    It is sort of a boutique inside Nordstrom itself though. But still a part of Nordstrom. :smile:
  10. frederick is absolutely the best!!! u have to see him, and when u do can u say hello to him for me (irene)? i've never met him in person