which Nordstrom's have the best MJ selection?

  1. I want to call a few stores. TIA:smile:
  2. I heard the South Coast Plaza location in Orange county was good, although when I visited I don't recall seeing a huge selection. You could also try the flagship store in Seattle. My favorite is Glendale, the SA Marina knows her stuff, and has quite a few MJs herself if you need help.
  3. I am told that these 3 Nordstrom get the most designer items: South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa, CA), Fashion Valley Mall (San Diego, CA), and Downtown Seattle. The newly opened store in Topanga carries lots of brand names too.

    Stuffs get sold out very fast at SCP store, MJ's Fall 06 items are pretty much gone by now. They are currently expecting styles from MJ's Resort 2006 Collection.
  4. That is a GREAT question! I've been wondering that myself. The one at Montgomery Mall (Bethesda, MD) seems sort of okay. But the one at Columbia Mall (Columbia, MD) is the worst! They don't carry MJ at all! I thinks there's a Nordstrom's at Towson Mall. Does anybody know what their MJ selection is like?
  5. I think SD Fashion Valley's MJ selection is pretty good. The bags are nicely displayed and taken care of well by the SA. I've seen the SA's at SCP just toss bags around... If you're looking for something in particular--always call Fashion Valley--Joseph is the best SA there! Ask for him! The number is 619.295.4441. He's off Tuesdays & Thursdays, generally.
  6. You might even want to go online and chat with a designer specialist at Nordstrom. I've done that in the past and they were incredibly helpful.
  7. thanks!

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