Which Nordstrom carry Chanel?

  1. Besides Nordstrom Seattle and Nordstrom Minnesota that carry Chanel, any other Nordstrom as well?

    Thanks! ;)
  2. Mall of America? The one where CHANELboy works.
  3. And Nordstrom in Seattle, WA. I heard from my SA that there are only 3 Nordstrom locations that carried Chanel. Two was already mentioned above.
  4. I heard that Portland, OR Nordies will start carrying Chanel this fall.:yes:
  5. thanks! I just want to make sure there are 3 Nordstroms that carry Chanel!
  6. seattle, minnesota and topanga in california
  7. Can anyone provide the direct phone # for Great Mall America. Too much effort to go through the main line. Thanks!
  8. ling, go to nordstrom.com. Get the toll free # there, and ask them to transfer your call to MOA or any other nordstrom locations.
  9. 952-883-2121:smile:
  10. Dowtown Seattle, Mall of America, Topanga Plaza, and soon to be Downtown Portland
  11. What about Dallas?? Any Nordstrom in Dallas which carries Chanel bags?
  12. and if cambon flats are still available anywhere
  13. Nordstroms in Canoga Park CA carries shoes and purses...
  14. I believe the downtown Seattle store also has Chanel shoes and bags.