Which Nordstrom carries GUCCI?

  1. None in my area do, please let me know!

    I'm looking for the Signoria and would like to purchase it from Nordstrom.

  2. The one in Bellevue carries Gucci. Maybe you can call and have them do a search for it and see what stores may have it available.
  3. ^^yup, that's the only one i know for sure. And that's in Washington State.. haha i had never heard of Bellevue before that, lolz.
  4. Nordstrom Mall of America might. I know they carry Chanel, so probably carry Gucci as well.
  5. Guess what? I just got a Signoria Large Hobo for 50% off! About $700 after taxes!!!

    I actually did not want another Gucci, but who could pass up a deal like that?!

    I'm so bad, I got both the MJ Mayfair and Signoria today. =\ I should be on a ban!
  6. Woohooooo :wlae:the signoria is such a classic bag. congrats!! did you buy it from Nordstroms?
  7. Downtown Seattle and Bellevue Square both do
  8. Good job gucci_coochie!!! :tup: And the price is unbelievable :nuts:
  9. Gucci Coochie...pics pics pics of your new babies!!
  10. They're on the way!!

    I'm really excited, this will be my first non-canvas Gucci. 3 Guccis within 7 months! (+ one LV, MJ, MBMJ)

    I should definitely be on a ban!
  11. What do you know, I joined TPF in June 2007, 7 months ago!!!