Which Non-LV designer bags do you like best?

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Which non-LV designer bags do you like best?

  1. Balenciaga

  2. Hermes

  3. Chanel

  4. Marc Jacobs

  5. Gucci

  6. Chloe

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  1. I was just curious if we LV lovers have similar tastes in other designer bags. I am considering a Balenciaga bag after I purchase the LVs on my wishlist.

    So, which non-LV designer bags do you like best (and why)?
  2. j'adore Chanel ..:heart:
  3. Hermes...JPG:drool:
  4. it really depends on the bag. i love marc jacobs but some of his bags- not so much. same thing with chanel.
  5. Even though I don't own any, I love Chanel handbags. I love the classic styles the best. Someday I may actually buy one, but I'm still crazy over my lv's.
  6. Chanel :love:, wouldn't mind getting a bbag though.
  7. I've been finding myself drifting away from LV and towards Chanel...
  8. Hermes :love:
  9. Although I voted for Hermes I actually have bags from all the designers you listed except for Chloe. My collection has bags from many different designers. I find it keeps me from getting bored.
  10. On my list I have Fendi, Hermes and Chloe
  11. Chanel and Hermes
  12. BBags are growing on me very quickly. I'd love a blue or grey First. I'm amazed you didn't list Dior, I think they have a lot of fun and different styles.
  13. bottega venetta! love my bag and wallet from them!
  14. Wow, look at all the Hermes lovers! Sort of surprised, to me LV and Hermes are so different!
  15. Chanel