which Noe????

  1. Do you prefer the large monogram Noe or the mini lin ebene Noe? I just left LV and loved both of them. I couldn't decide, so I had to ask you guys first. Thanks much:smile:
  2. i personally think the mini lin ebene noe is very cute. i'm always paranoid of the vachetta on the large mono noe. it comes down to how much you carry and which one feels better when you carry it. any preference for yourself?

    p.s. LV should have computer stations in their stores so you can log in right away for suggestions! :smile:
  3. hehe...I know. I'm really concerned about the vachetta on the bottom. I was surprised how cute the mini lin one was.....It also looks smaller when you have it on than the mono one, because of the darker color.
  4. If I were to get a noe, it would be the MC. I tried it on at the store a few weeks ago and it was amazing.
  5. <--- I love my Mini Lin Noe. It's such a fabulous, low-maintenance bag!!! :tup:

    Me no likey vachetta!:tdown:
  6. I like the mini lin one the best!
  7. Mini Lin Noe is really nice! I love the brown textured leather. I hope to get one some day....
  8. between the 2 i'll vote for mini lin ebene noe :smile:
  9. I'd probably go with the mini lin Noe too.... So much bare vanchetta on the large monogram Noe scares me :push: